Another Massacre in Syria: Qubair, Hama

It seems that Houla’s effect wasn’t “grand” enough for whatever force killing people in Syria to stop doing so. We all know who that force is but for the sake of keeping this about the people, I won’t throw names.

In the town of Qubair, near Hama in Northern Syria, 78 people have been killed including 35 from the same family. Half of those killed so far are women and children. The death toll is still rising. Did I mention the town counts only a 100 or so resident? They literally killed everyone there.

In the nearby town of Kfarzeita, 6 bodies were found burned till they became charcoal. There’s even a video for that.

In total, the death toll is at 130, more than Houla, and rising.

Hama has been one of the areas affected the most by the recent Syrian uprising, with it seeing some of the highest death tolls and destruction. Hama has also been the city affected the most by the current Syrian regime with another massacre taking place in it some 30 years ago.

In an interview with someone in the town of Qubair, this is what the man had to say:

Some of the highlights of what he says: “More than 18 families were murdered. Some of the bodies were burned. The massacre started at 2 pm and was executed by the army of Assad’s regime. Families were killed with knives and gunshots. Families were abolished in their entirety, from the 80 year old elder to a 4 months old newborn.”

Here are some pictures from the recent Qubair Massacre:

A mother holding her two children

The two children

Ahmad and his sister Chayma

3 brothers

2 other brothers in the same family

Their mother

Their grandmother

I will update this with more pictures when I get them.

6 thoughts on “Another Massacre in Syria: Qubair, Hama

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  2. The first image is NOT from Qubair. It has been published on several publications since March already. Long before this here happened. Just Search by Image on Google for it.


  3. it is how they are going to take over the world, they will kill young and children a easy way to finish a nation. we need imam mehdi to finish this fitna….. fitna in arab countries is a sign of the last days of the world…..



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