The Little Children Terrorists of Syria

Caution. These pictures of the Houla Massacre are extremely graphic. You can also see more pictures (some that verify the place) here.


Because these children are part of the international conspiracies against the Syrian regime…

Because these children were fighting firsthand against the regime…

Because these children represented an undeniable threat to the regime’s hold…

Because each breath these children took represented less air to the free Syrians…

Because these children are so useless no one would care about them…

Because these children are so terrifying, they need to be eradicated….

Because these children’s lives are a burden to Syria…

Because these children’s lives are already spent trying to fight the Syrian regime….

Because these children threw stones instead of going to school…

Because these children don’t know the importance of Syria…

Because these children are expendable…

Because these children are useless…

Because these children are little terrorists….

Because these children don’t deserve to live…

Kill them all.


Yours Sincerely,

The honorable Bashar Assad

For more pictures, click here.


79 thoughts on “The Little Children Terrorists of Syria

  1. My heart is aching. I almost cried seeing these and I never cry. The tyrant, the lesser of a human being who calls himself a person needs to be eradicated from the presidency seat he won’t relinquish.

  2. IF the devil can’t get you, he’ll get your children.

    We don’t need a cease fire; we need a deceased Assad.

  3. How could such a thing happen in the 21st century is beyond me. I think I just lost all my faith in humanity, I just can’t understand how anyone would do such a thing to defenseless children…

    • This has been going on for a long time, be it in Lebanon when Assad’s forces were here or in Syria since the uprising began.
      People were remembering the 14 year old boy Hamza el Khatib just yesterday for the one year anniversary of his brutal murder.

  4. I suggest you remove those ads, seeing alfa or whatever when u finish such a valuable post is fucking lame! give the post some credit without making lame ass money out of it!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. History has unfortunetaly shown us,that in times of war no one,be it President,dictator,,Army or militias hold the monopoly of ethic.The USA though claiming on one hand, to be defending liberty and democracy,doesn’t find it horrific on the other, to slaughter in a ‘surgical bombing’ defenseless civilians,womens and children alike!Barbarism is the most despicable expression of human violence,whoever perpetrate it.

      • A case of double standards,biased in condemning a regime and asking it’s resignation,while another one has done much more in total legitimacy until today and probably tomorrow in the name of ‘War on Terror’.
        Butchering innocents cannot be tolerated,but let’s at least respect their memory by asking for their criminals to be sentenced,whomever commited it!
        I haven’t seen much of that lately…but still waiting!

        • The atrocities of the War on Terror were not all carried out by Americans. Most were carried out by the people of the countries the war happened in. Sunnis killing Shiites in Iraq and vice versa.
          But yeah, any crimes like this have to be condemned.

  6. some of the images are not from the Houla Massacre they are from Karm Al Zeitoon’s .. please rectify this mistake. we do not want to be labeled 🙂

    • My source for the pics assured me they’re in Houla. Either way, the point behind the post is not the Houla Massacre exclusively, it’s the children. So Houla or no Houla, no labels.

      • the problem is not with the idea of “Children” but with the replication of the anger and rage that will be caused by falsified images or images do not belong to the same massacre.
        We are in a serious need for peace in Syria and such acts do not help.
        I don’t mean you personally but i mean the way people are reacting and using false images to increase the rage which will certainly lead to a civil war here.

        • Saw the pics. Only 2 are for the other massacre, which is still referred to as a massacre even in the link you sent me.
          Regarding your comment, people are rightful to be enraged at what Assad is doing. They should have been angry a while back (when the first massacre of the sort happened).
          The threat of a civil war in Syria has always been present. This massacre might be the tipping point but you’d be delusional to think it would be the cause.

          Also I just read the email of my source again. They specify the images are from the Karm el Zeitoun area. I assumed it’s near Houla. Either way, the point is still the same.
          Either way, I’ve replaced those pictures with Houla-proper images.

  7. We saw the massacres done by Basshar’s regime..O Allah grant them your paradise..O Allah protect our brothers and sisters in Syria..May Allah’s promise, enter and calm your heart..the victory is imminent..we always pray for you o our brothers and sisters in Syria.. from your sisters in Malaysia..

  8. Oh yeah, great. So this is done by Assad just because the rebels say so. The NATO-backed rebels who are also bombing and killing civilians, I would not be surprised if they used children as human shields.

    I want the real responsible for this atrocities punished , be it Assad or the rebels. The REAL responsible, not the “most convenient responsible for the West/NATO”.

    • A year and a half of conflict is enough proof as to who did this and who has been doing similar things since March 15th 2011 in his country and during the years he was indirectly ruling Lebanon.

    • I 1,000% agree with you. My friend’s family has been executed in Homs at the hands of the rebels. Cold-blooded murder. They “cleansed” the building by killing the men and the elderly and threw the children out on the streets at night. Next day in the news, it said “25 – 30 people killed last night in Homs.” End of story. They didn’t say the rebels did it. By not specifying, they implied that the regime was responsible for killing 30 innocent civilians in Homs. And that’s just one story I was told. Imagine how many more are happening and being covered by the media…
      I initially wanted Bachar out too. But after hearing the inside stories from my Syrian friends, I gotta say, if I were him, I’d bomb the shit out of those rebels too, who for the most part aren’t even Syrians to begin with! The fact that they’re using this “revolution” to kill people on the side is despicable to me. The terrorist attacks in Damascus, anyone? That’s not the army who killed innocent civilians there either. People should read between the lines and not what they want to read… Can’t trust the media at all.

      • Of course the rebels are looting and robbing and God knows what. Revolutions aren’t clean. It’s not easy to overthrow a dictator like Bashar Assad who has been ruling his people with an iron fist for decades. Bloodshed is a natural consequence of what’s happening but in the end liberating the people from the tyrant that is Bashar Assad for once and for all is the goal.

        Your friend lost people to the rebels? Well I have a friend who lost his grandparents, parents and all his siblings to Bashar’s forces. Are we keeping score now? How can you, as a Lebanese, fathom such a dictator remaining in power after all the atrocities his regime committed against your own people? Or don’t you remember all the fine young men and women that spent their lives trying to get the Syrians and their influence out of your country?

        • @eliefares I’ve actually seen several websites on the internet which display the images of the al Houla massacre children. Many of these sites are run by disinformation agents; mostly hateful white supremacist evangelical kkkristians living in the West, as well assadists who live all over the world. They are trying desperately to blame the Sunni victims of the al Houla genocide on Sunnis, adding the ultimate insult to injury.

          These evangelicals and assadists are claiming that the children murdered were christians and that they were killed by the rebels. All lies and propaganda and every single one of these sites and blogs I’ve visited does not allow commenting without a moderators approval, which shows that these evangelicals are complete liars who will sink to any level needed to demonize Muslims. Your site doesn’t require your approval to post a comment, on the other hand.

          The facts are that the children killed were all Sunni Muslims and they were murdered by the assad regime, not by the rebels. These evangelicals and assadists don’t allow people to respond to their disinformation on their websites, but you are not moderating comments, because unlike them; you actually have integrity. It’s undeniable that these murders were committed by shiite/alawite militias and secret police (shabiha an Arabic word that translates to ghosts/apparitions) because many of the children were tied up and had holes drilled into their skulls. shiite militias in Iraq are known for bonding their victims and drilling holes into their skulls.

  9. ‘Rebels in Syria are partly responsible for the massacre of more than 100 people in the town of Houla,Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says’on BBC News if that was so whom will we hang?
    I can immediatly guess,the answer!As an ally of the regime, the Russian would obviously defend their protege.But if that was so,then what?
    The life of 49 children and 30 women shouldn’t have been slain in vain for the sake of power.

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  13. These kinds of crimes are committed to sap the morale of the opposition fighters. This has probably happened in every major conflict in human history. I’m obviously not condoning it, but it isn’t unique or unheard of by any means. Human beings are terrible and cunning savages.

  14. Elie I’m not keeping score. I’m not saying Bashar is a Saint. I don’t even like him. But I think you’re confusing him with his father. They’re not the same. Bashar already conceded to many things Hafez would’ve never done. You say he’s a dictator for decades? What decades? He’s been ruling since 2000!! And under HIS regime, the Syrian forces pulled out of Lebanon. Do I agree with how harsh he was with the uprising at first? Of course not! But most countries (including the West) deal the same way with that.
    Why am I not siding with the rebels? Because 1) they’re fabricated and anything fabricated by the West, aka the U.States is fishy to me. The Americans stink. End of story. 2) Because this “revolution” conveniently happened after Bashar opposed the US regarding the pipeline. 3) Because it’s not a REAL SYRIAN REVOLUTION. Otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted over a year. Bashar would have been overthrown by now if the majority of the Syrian people really wanted that. 4) Because I believe you can negotiate with a man like him and not like those illiterate criminals who are using a honorable excuse to commit crimes & do their own ethnic cleansing.
    So yeah, as a Lebanese, I’m choosing the better devil here.

    • I’m not confusing Bashar with his father. Both of them are made from the same mold. Both are tyrants. Both are scum. You speak as if he left Lebanon willingly, not forced under the pressure of millions of Lebanese protesting and severe international pressure. There was no bargaining. He couldn’t but leave. The other option would have been too costly for him.
      And yeah, 2000 till 2012 is a decade and two years. When I speak of decades, I mean the ruling of the Assad family. That has been going on for decades.

      Regarding the US talk.
      1) You’re saying as if ALL the people that died (15,000) was the latest report died because the US asked them to. Foolish to think so.
      2) Even if the US has interests in seeing Bashar overthrown, it doesn’t mean it staged the whole thing.
      3) The argument that Bashar would have fallen by now had the people didn’t want him is categorically flawed. He has been killing the people for a year and a half. I’m pretty sure if NATO hadn’t interfered in Libya, Qaddafi would still be there today. Now let me see you try to spin that.
      4) You can negotiate with Bashar el Assad? Really?
      5) Those illiterate “criminals” are but a single drops in the sea of crimes and filth that is the Syrian regime and Bashar el Assad.

      And you, as a Lebanese first and foremost, believing Assad is the “better devil” is truly disheartening and saddening to see.

      • Well for me, what’s sad is, given the history of the U.S and with the thousands of documents out there that prove how they DO stage things and create civil wars and terrorist groups whenever it suited them or whenever a country didn’t immediately comply to their plan, an educated person such as yourself hangs on to “nothing proves they did it.” They did do it my friend. And we all know why. Time will show you just like it proved every other war and genocides they caused single-handedly in other countries. Their greed knows no boundaries. If you think post-Bashar will be better for Lebanon and Syria, I hope you’re right. But I highly highly highly doubt it. And I hope I’m wrong. Truly.

        Those children were massacred by the Syrian regime to lower the morale of the rebels? Funny. Why would Bashar do that and do that NOW with all the pressure and sanctions he’s been getting? After the truce attempts? Why would he do it when he was supposed to be meeting with world figures soon? Is Bashar Al Assad stupid? He knows that by killing innocent children, it won’t demoralize the opposition but on the contrary, give it the boost it needed to get more money and weapons.

        On another hand: Why can’t that massacre have been done at the hands of the rebels? Let’s see: to accuse the Syrian regime of war crimes and force a world outcry? Well that’s not convenient at all! Why is it SO illogical to you when those same people planted bombs in Damascus and snipered civilians for sports? Bashar is bombing areas of “resistance.” Of course there will be casualties of war. But those who are supposedly overthrowing a regime for the sake of freedom and democracy, are killing their own people out of racism.Those are the ones who will bring democracy to Syria in your opinion? Why did the General Security Council blame the rebels as well and why didn’t they openly point fingers at the Syrian regime like the West immediately did? The fact is there is an axis that is conspiring to throw Bashar Al Assad out. And maybe, just maybe, I’m sick of letting the Americans get their way with everything. They fucked the world up with their greed. And if you can’t see that, I don’t know what to tell you.
        You think Libya is free & better now?? 🙂 They will suck the life right out of it after burning it to the ground, you just watch.

        • I didn’t say the US is a saint. Far from it. But Bashar el Assad is not a saint either. And there has been no documents to prove US involvement in the current things in Syria. And even in the case that they did, I highly doubt they orchestrated the entirety of last year. I highly doubt they’d find the hundreds of thousands of people who got injured. I highly doubt they’d have tens of thousands willing to die… for the sake of an orchestra.

          Why would Bashar do that? Well, why not? He’s done much worse over the past year. His regime has done much worse since it was instilled. It would work against him? That hasn’t stopped him from killing thousands of thousands of people. That hasn’t stopped him from bringing the cities of Homs, Dar3a and Hama to ruins. That hasn’t stopped his father from massacring thousands and thousands in Hama years ago.

          The rebels had a hand in this? What’s the proof? They have to gain from this so they kill people? The rebels aren’t saints. But they sure aren’t the monsters you’re portraying them. The security council blamed them partially? The security council also has a Russian veto looming around every decision regarding Syria. If the other nations don’t give concessions, any decision wouldn’t pass. It doesn’t mean that partially blaming the rebels and not fully blaming the regime is correct – it means that was the best political result they got to.

          And you know what, I really don’t care how it’s done if Bashar el Assad is thrown out. Axis here, axis there. Rebels here, rebels there. And perhaps you need to tone down the American hate a little bit.

          I didn’t say anything about Libya being better – I said Qaddafi would still be in power hadn’t they interfered. And if he was still in power today, that would have meant the revolution in Libya would have taken much longer than that in Syria.

          Anyway, the discussion will turn endless so I expect there’s nothing more to be added to the conversation that can prove substantial. I believe Bashar el Assad is a disgrace to humanity in every single thing he does. You believe the rebels are that. We will never see eye to eye.

  15. Bashar retreated out of Lebanon because he [was under the pressure of millions of Lebanese protesting and severe international pressure]?? Why aren’t there millions of Syrians protesting his resignation then? 1.5 million Lebanese were on the streets. And we are 4 Mill. Now do the math with Syria…. This is why I’m saying it’s not a real revolution but a set-up. I WISH the Syrians did it. I’d have wanted nothing more for them. Resignation of their president by the demands of millions. Beautiful.

    • But they did protest. Hundreds of thousands of people in Dar3a. More than a million in Hama protested. Hundreds of thousands in Douma. Hundreds of thousands in Homs.
      What you fail to see is that the information sector in Syria is all hijacked by Assad and that is a great detriment to the revolution.

      • Elie take a deep breath babe. It’s not personal. Actually this may be the first time I disagree with you on something. All I’m saying is when the world thought Ghaddafi was the worst thing that’s happened to Libya, the truth is the worst thing is yet to come. Same thing will happen with Syria. After Bashar’s gone, the situation will get worse for Syria and it will literally become an American muppet show, most probably on the verge of civil war too.

        Please read this:
        Maybe it’ll make you understand that I don’t support Bashar Al Assad because I love him. Or because I admire him but because I love my country & I don’t want another war on our hands. A strong secular government as a neighbor is better than an Islamist weak one…
        And we can agree to disagree. I’ll leave you alone now. 🙂 Peace!

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  17. One of the more horrible thing I have never seen ….
    What are “we” waiting for ?
    A “dad”, from France.

    • Just to clarify what evidence leads to Assad being the source of these horrendous acts ? We blame soo easily yet we don’t know who done this for sure. Let me tell you no sane person would do this and no single religion condones such acts. This is just my opinion but why would Bashar do this in his current state, so more people can go against him :S where’s the logic in that. The other regime are just as dirty.

      • Years and years of his regime doing worse than this. Switzerland taking a stand against him. The fact that Houla is still being bombed, among others.

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  19. Shocked, stunned, saddened, angered, disgusted, horrified. Murder is murder and especially when it involves children. I would label these criminals animals if it wasn’t an insult to animals. Who cares which side these killers were on? These were children.

    • Similar things have been going on in Syria for a year. The death toll according to the UN is close to 10,000. According to other sources, it’s even higher than that.
      Lots of humans but no humanity.

  20. Can you provide any verification that these are legitimate images? I know it sucks to have to have your work questioned, but given the nature of the internet, one cannot accept shock in place of validation.


    • I have other images which I didnt share here because they have Arabic in them which specify the location of the pictures via a bulletin written where the bodies were put. And I have other pictures at the same location of UN individuals documenting. All of these pictures did not exist prior to the Houla massacre. I had a couple which were from another massacre but I have since remove and replaced them with Houla images. I didn’t know both regions were separate.
      When it comes to Syria & the serious hold Assad has on the information sector, this is as good a verification that I can give.
      And you have every right to doubt these but these pictures are 100% legit.

      • I know this is late in coming, but thanks for taking the time to follow up with more information regarding you post. Your response speaks to your character, and bolsters my opinion regarding the authenticity of your work.

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  22. Everyone wants Assads head, but what about the actual people that executed these women and children, I just saw a story where the men came from one town over, I mean come on you can’t pay me enough to make me kill my own people.

  23. cade a justiça desse mundo. eram apenas crianças e mesmo assim foram mortas por uma forma brutal, imperdoável, quais riscos essas crianças demonstravam atualmente? peço que seja feita a justiça

  24. I actually cannot deal with this. Im sweating and crying, this is images of someones children. It could be my own lying there, brutally murdered. There is….no god. This is a fact. Im aching.

    How any human being could do this to an innocent child, regardless of the cause….is beyond me. May these murderers rot in hell

  25. im shocked. thats all. this is absolutely retarded. those responsible must be picked up, put in a plane.
    then the plane will crash from an altitude of 11 km. when that happens these animals who did this will know terror as those poor children felt before being killed. its terror being stuck in a falling cylinder for 20 minutes and knowing you’re going to die and theres no way out. thats the best punishment for them
    they deserve to die in a fiery gasoline filled way, and go to hell.
    i dont care who did this : im enraged and even more so now since my country (india) isn’t taking any stand on this. this is atrocious.

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  29. OMG these poor innocent children this breaks my heart how could anyone ever do something like this.They did not deserve this .I am lost for words WOW……….

    • what crimes have these inocent children commit to deserve this? must all these children die for one comfortable man?GOD please may souls of these harmless children rest in you dwelling place

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  31. there is something i would like to input. I believe Assad realizes that he is a monster now. Here’s why I say so. there is something called humanity in each one of us that would make me and you… regular, sane persons look at each one of these gory pictures and realize that even his LIFE, not to talk of his perpetual stay in power is not worth it. I believe there are true blue blooded leaders who have taken shame for less than these… (a la the Russian president over the Cuban Missile Crisis OR Gandhi over the creation of Pakistan) the last thing I would do if I were in Assad’s shoes and it was true that it was rebels at the behest of the West who committed such gruesomeness (which I still figure to be a BLATANT LIE given all my heightened distrust for the West with what they have wrought in my own homeland) would be to continue to play this game. My LIFE, not to talk of a position in power… would not be worth to me more than ONE of these untainted souls… and there are circa 40 of them…

    This is not a game of West vs Assad people… lets leave the vanity of conspiracy theories and tell ourselves the honest truth… Assad is responsible for the lives of these children either way or the other. His forces killed them or his presence did. The honorable thing to do would have been to cede power (at least to spare the life of the future ones to be killed in this fashion) and seek asylum and leave in the disgrace you could have avoided all along (when the going gets tough, ease out!) or taken your own life (Even Hitler had the grace to do that rather than have his people perish). I repeat, if men like Ghadaffi and Gbagbo had stepped down like Babangida (in Nigeria, 1993) or the Tunisian president did at the very first sign of bloody insurrection, they would have saved some face and possibly even had a reach back to power.
    If truly, the ‘Allies’ have come to the point of knocking on your doorsteps in the post cold war era we are in now, do you think you will withstand them? or is the life of 15,000 of your kinsmen worth the try?
    Oh Assad (and they who try to shift blame from you)… You are a monster. And the United Nations is a bigger one for not accomplishing your ouster by now. Hamza and the children in Houla will pay you back some day for the lives you have cost them.

    Those who defend Assad here are same as those who would look at the Nazi’s ‘Final Solution’ or the Tiananmen square massacre or the rape of Nanking or the obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the hunger solution in Biafra or Ukraine or the jalianwala bagh massacre… any of these events in history and say… “it was necessary”. God forgive you for you do not know what you do..

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  35. The FSA are Western backed terrorists who murder innocents. Everyone in the UK who pays taxes to the British government, who in turn fund the terrorists of the FSA are now complicit in war crimes! Stop funding genocide. Stop paying taxes!

  36. How do we Know if its from Bashars troopers? We have just some kids corpses , we cant say ecxactly you is responcple about this. I believe its pictures from the terrorist by doing all of it who dont love Syria.

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  38. And the french people support Assad even if they are sunni…Check the french muslims and other rabble for Dieudonné MBala a chiottes, an official agent of Iran and Assad!
    They use a nazi sodomite sign of anus fisting, the “quenelle”…the new rise of Hitler and his nazi terrorists!

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