Emile Rahme Storms Out of Kalem El Nas Episode. Way To Go Marcel Ghanem!

Sometimes Marcel Ghanem just does good things, like tonight with him showing Baalbak MP Emile Rahme exactly what he needed. As a result, Emile Rahme decided to throw a tantrum and leave the show.

Of course, LBC wouldn’t let such an opportunity go to waste.

And here’s the YouTube video of it:

I believe the Lebanese thing to say in this case is “Allah ma3 dwelibak.” Unless they’re fried (which is probable).

This is what Marcel Ghanem had to say afterwards:

12 thoughts on “Emile Rahme Storms Out of Kalem El Nas Episode. Way To Go Marcel Ghanem!

  1. heyyyy what was it! the video has been removed by the user and i didnt get the chance to watch it tonight! sum it up please??


    • Finally the real side of him, the classy side I think :-). I loved Marcel’s reaction, I hope he uses it more often though.
      Is it true that he left, as said on kalam el nas facebook group, because the first section discussing Aintoura’s school issue took more time than expected?


      • Check the post again. There’s another video in which Marcel comments on the event and he speaks about the MP not being able to wait. So I assume it’s the case.


  2. ye3ne ba3d na2iss sa7afeh byinchara w byinbe3 yitfalsaf 3al hawa w msada2 7alo zyedeh 3an al louzoum.
    by the way ana mich 8 wala 14 ma bye3nouleh wala shi
    ana bass ma3 fa5amit al ra2iss Michel sleiman 7emeh wattana w bledna


  3. hal ad sorto ghachimin iza marcel ghanem bravo , chou n alabitt lma ayiss ?haj tkabrouwa bi raço , wahad bala akhlak yalla bizyédé 3lé yindab willi ma 3éjbo yindab ma3o



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