The Myriam Klink Saga: Nemr Abou Nassar Replying to her on Radio

Remember when I said Nemr will be using Myriam as one of his sources? Well, it didn’t take long. Here’s a full-blown 30 minute radio show about Klink and about what he thinks she represents of Lebanese society.

I don’t listen to Lebanese radio so this is my first time hearing this. I agree with him on many points that are raised. Our music scene is despicable.

However, how’s calling women whom you don’t approve of whores and sluts part of the Lebanese culture you’re trying to bring forward?

Is Myriam Klink giving Lebanese women a bad image? Only people who categorize a whole population based on a distorted perception would think so. And we are fueling that, giving way more attention than necessary to those we “deem” inappropriate.

Simply put, Nemr Abou Nassar has given Myriam Klink 30 minute of radio time during prime time, which she wouldn’t have dreamed of. He even says the MixFM site crashed. He has made her almost as famous as he is in almost one day. Does he think the points he raised will resonate with her or those who like her? I doubt.

I’m pretty sure if Nemr had discovered Nancy Afiouny before or Lara Kay, this whole debaccle would have been a repeat. In fact, I’m sure both Nancy Afiouny and Lara Kay would kill for the publicity Klink has gotten in 48 hours.

Anyway, both sides of the dispute have said their share. Can we refocus on important things now? Li2anno sara7a, shi bila33e. 

And this is the last Myriam Klink/Nemr Abou Nassar post I’ll have here. Enough with giving attention to the both of them.

10 thoughts on “The Myriam Klink Saga: Nemr Abou Nassar Replying to her on Radio

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  4. well ma 3ende te3li2 3ashi ella eno tnaynetoun shaharo ba3doun w saro famous mish bas myriam kamen nemr tsajjal esmo bi rasna w nezil bel tarikh good one


  5. your whining about both is nausiating. Get over it or stop posting news about them. But don’t post stuff and then whine about how much you don’t want to. jeez


    • I’m very glad you have no problem in not wanting anyone to comment on the content of the video. Let’s agree to disagree on what’s nauseating. I also see you had no problem digging this up to comment.


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