Elissa’s New Song: As3ad Wa7da

As it is with Lebanese artists, you’d have no idea they are releasing an album until the album actually drops. There’s no such thing as releasing a single ahead of an album launch in order to promote it or setting a release date way in advance.

But I like Elissa. I appreciate her candidness when it comes to many issues. Yes, her political views being one of those issues she’s honest about.

Elissa’s album, titled As3ad Wa7da, will be released on June 25th. I’ll attempt reviewing it then but no promises for that. The title song off the album was released today. Bakkir, eih?

Here it is:

A few comments.

1) When will radios learn that inserting those annoying voice overs only ruin a song for the listener? What are they trying to achieve with their annoying “Rotana exclusive” balderdash thrown every 30 seconds?

2) When will the current top female Lebanese singers actually release a Lebanese song as their first single off any album?

3) Based on the previews of the album that I’ve listened to, there are far better songs than this one. I don’t think this one is bad – just very similar to what Elissa has released before: Start off normally then insert a trance-ish beat out of nowhere, revert to normality and repeat. But I like it nonetheless.

4) I’m not getting the idea behind the album pictures that were released so far. Is she trying to go all “virgin Mary-ish” with this one? It reminds me of Harissa for some reason.

Also, what’s the point behind the following one?

Yes, that expression on your face was the same as mine when my brother emailed me this picture. Horrible covers aside, what do you think of the song?


Update: the official cover of the album:

15 thoughts on “Elissa’s New Song: As3ad Wa7da

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  2. Reblogged this on Ritachemaly's Blog and commented:
    a vous de Lire le Post de Elie, I am “Addicted” to his posts!!! and blog, bref, l’image de l’album de Elissa, en forme de Harissa, ne m’a pas trop plue, mais c’est mon opinion, quant a son image de veuve avec une rose a la bouche, et un regard fade, c’est Horrible, bon, dans l’attente d’ecouter les chansons, je vous laisse avec l’avis d’Elie!


  3. I totally agree with you about Lebanese singers not releasing Lebanese singles first, but I guess that makes it easier for them to spread their music. Egyptian music is always more popular and it greatly appeals to the public. These annoying Rotana balderdashes are making me hate that stupid company even more day by day. The song is actually pretty good. And yes, that picture with the red rose is horrible (thankful it’s not the cover.) The official cover is pretty nice although it’s kind of similar to her “Tisada2 Bimeen” album cover. I think she’s trying to make a series of covers. I had previously judged the album negatively based on the samples, but after hearing the complete songs, I have came to a conclusion that the album is pretty amazing. Although I prefer Haifa Wehbe’s “MJK” album, I still think Elissa did a pretty good job.


    • Egyptian music being more popular is no excuse. It’s only more popular because it’s the only thing available to the masses. When Lebanese singers (and other nationalities) keep making Egyptian music, of course it’ll be “popular.”

      Regarding Haifa, I don’t like her music. I couldn’t listen to her album (I downloaded it for a friend) and so I think Elissa’s album, although not that good, better.


      • Lebanese artists are indirectly obligated to focus on Egyptian music more than any other kind. Egypt is where most of them meet fame. If you’re an artist, and you’re not popular in Egypt, you’re not that popular in the Middle East. As a Lebanese person, it does bother me. And I do hate the fact that a lot of them focus on other songs rather than Lebanese, but after-all, do what’s best for them. Overall, it doesn’t bother me because I focus more on the music, the richness of the words, and the voice.
        Haifa’s album is completely different, and might seem a bit annoying at first. But I personally like a lot of songs on it (MJK, Bayza, Kobba, Mat2olish, etc…) Awesome blog btw πŸ™‚



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