MTV Lebanon Won’t Damage Lebanon’s “Reputation” Anymore – LOL?

I read the post over on Gino’s Blog but had no idea what he was referring to until I saw the video on Blog Baladi.

It seems that MTV Lebanon has decided that:

“For Lebanon to remain beautiful, we cannot burn tires whenever sh*t hits the fan. So MTV Lebanon has decided to stop covering all incidents that distort Lebanon’s image for the world and we’ll be there for you when you protest in a civilized manner. You can get your voice across at any time you want, instead of your smoke. Your demands are righteous but the situation cannot remain tense. This is our message and we hope everyone follows it.”

Let alone the fact that a TV station is required to cover these things which are crucial to the livelihood of citizens since MTV is one of the country’s leading networks but I have to ask the simple question: what Lebanon do they live in exactly? Because I really want to live there as well. Do they really think the tire-burning incidents are so un-Lebanese that they do not deserve coverage?

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. It seems to run straight through Naccache as well. Let’s stop pretending that the Lebanese are so above burning tires and distorting the image of their country. They’ve been doing it for years. They won’t stop now.

7 thoughts on “MTV Lebanon Won’t Damage Lebanon’s “Reputation” Anymore – LOL?

  1. By Cuttting the media out or being there less when a problem occurs, you’ll find most of those people who want a say, will stay at home, because they are not being noticed. Look at Lebanon now, from South to North, East or West as soon as someone gets up in the morning and feels in the mood and decides to cause a riot he gathers a few of his followers and off he goes and turns the country up side down for as long as he feels fit. As for speeches in the government, only three people should speak and rule Lebanon, the President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House and all the rest of the ministers, should go to their offices, work from 9 to 5 just like they should and should never be allowed to talk to the media, they are only a part of our goverment and if they want a say, they can do so behind locked doors in parliament with out rocking the boat, they are here to build this country not rule it and come up with the promises they made to the people of lebanon. As for the Army and the Police I lift my hat off to them in trying to keep this country as stable as possible, it is very hard work indeed. Why is it that when other countries infiltrated Lebanon for many years, we quickly rolled our windows down, and nervously jumped out of our cars and opened our car boots and, keep saying thank you sir, to whoever and whatever. Why don’t we try and respect our Army and Police, they deserve it, for they don’t ask from us any more than that. Yeah, so less cameras, less attention, for those who don’t deserve the lens, the pen or paper and more for those who are trying to rebuild the country. Because burning tyres, road and area blocks, trying to pass personal laws, should be banned and those concerned should be arrested and charged, because, these and much more are destroying this beautiful country of ours and demeaning the people of this country who just want to live and enjoy their lives. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Enough is enough.


  2. I actually encourage MTV’s stand. I heard a story once about a country’s revolution that was based solely on turning all their TVs to face the windows outside, so that the army can see that they’re no longer watching tv and that they’re growing immune to their speeches and messages (i wish i can remember where that was to properly google it).

    It’s nobody’s right to decide who deserves attention and who doesn’t, that’s true. But if all anyone is counting on is attention and if that attention has never proven itself efficient in any way, then it has to stop somewhere, don’t you think?


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  4. I think it’s a good step. It’s like with Myriam Klink, you want people to stop talking about these things and doing them.


  5. I agree with this move 100%

    If all TV stations did this, then next time someone wants to burn tired and block roads they may think twice knowing that they won’t get any press coverage. Great decisions by MTV and I hope the other stations follow suit.


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