The Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert in Lebanon: Look At All Those Traitors!

Strip them of their passport and national IDs. Take away their Lebanese pride! Shame on them! Shame on the few thousand people that attended this inhumane abomination!

By all accounts, the concert was a huge success. Some people reported being disappointed but still entertained. Others called it the best concert of the year. I didn’t go but I think the best concert of the year would still be Notre Dame de Paris.

My friends have told me they were immensely professional with an amazing stage presence and spirit.

The setlist for the concert was the following:

  • Monarchy of Roses
  • Around The World
  • Snow (Hey Oh)
  • Otherside
  • Look Around
  • Throw Away Your Television
  • Can’t Stop
  • Universally Speaking
  • The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
  • She’s Only 18
  • Under The Bridge
  • Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder cover)
  • Californication
  • Goodbye Hooray
  • By The Way


  • Chad & Mauro & Josh jam
  • Sir Psycho Sexy
  • They’re Red Hot (Robert Johnson cover)
  • Meet Me At the Corner
  • Give It Away

Now we know exactly what Mashrou3 Leila missed out on for being cowards with “principles.”

And these are the people with “principles.”

Thank you @KingRoudy for the last picture and the following Facebook page for the others.



3 thoughts on “The Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert in Lebanon: Look At All Those Traitors!

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  2. Elie why what’s wrong with Mashrou3 Leila? Did they say or do anything? And btw Mix fm said that evanescence fans were the best crowd this summer! 🙂



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