Many Lebanese Will Be Stripped From Canadian Nationality

Have you ever heard the story of those smart ass Lebanese who “immigrate” to Canada and then return to Lebanon without having their passports stamped on their way out to make it seem as if they’re still there?

Well, those Lebanese are taking their smart asses all the way to courts as the Canadian federal government is stripping many of them of the Canadian nationality which they obtained fraudulently.

Do they deserve it? Hell yes. Not only is what they did giving a bad reputation to all the Lebanese who work hard to get the Canadian citizenship but it’s also illegal and it’s high time someone taught those Lebanese who think they can take their illegal ways abroad a thing or two about rules.

No, I’m not a bitter person who’s upset that my passport is next to rubbish but I’m a Lebanese who believes that if I were to get somewhere, I’d want to earn it and not cheat my way to it.

Many of those involved in the scam are from the Middle East, particularly Lebanon. While they do not wish to actually move to Canada, they want an escape hatch in the event their home countries become unstable, according to internal documents.

“Anecdotal evidence suggests that a percentage of applicants from the Middle East obtain permanent resident status, then Canadian citizenship, with the goal of acquiring a second passport as insurance in case of instability in their country of first residence,” reads a federal study.

Such an honorable thing. (Source).


5 thoughts on “Many Lebanese Will Be Stripped From Canadian Nationality

  1. Oulala …. they are about to get some “dwelib”?
    Of course not !
    They’re gonna go apologizing mitl el chatrin…. because they’re abroad
    And a Lebanese only acts like a prick in his one country…. Prestige….



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