iPhone 5 Nano Sim Now Available in Lebanon


Remember when we were all worried about the iPhone 5 being the first phone ever to use nano-sim cards and wondering how that will play out for us Lebanese mobile users?

Well, it seems the wait to get nano-sim cards into the country hasn’t been long. Alfa has announced yesterday on their Facebook page that nano-sim cards are now available in the country.

I was sort of hoping for a longer wait actually. Why?

Because the phone is being priced at around $1300 for the 16GB one currently (ser2a 3al mafdou7) and I figured the more we wait for nano sims, the more the price drops. Either way, there’s already a way to cut down microsims into nano sims. But doing that comes with the premium that is the iPhone 5 theft price in Lebanon by all of the country’s cellular shops.

No idea about MTC though. So if any of you know anything regarding nano-sim availability on Lebanon’s other carrier, let me know.

Update: MTC has unveiled its nano sim cards a few minutes ago. So both of Lebanon’s mobile carriers now offer nano sims to their customers. 


5 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Nano Sim Now Available in Lebanon

  1. You argument for wanting more delay makes no sense.

    You realize weather alfa / touch have nano sims or not does affect your freedom of choice to refrain from buying an iPhone 5, right? No one is forcing you to pay $1300 for it. You can wait longer for the price to drop isa baddak.

    If other people want to pay $1300 for an iPhone 5 today that’s a great thing. A fool and his money should be easily departed. Reasonable people can wait for the price to drop regardless.


    • For the average consumer who has no idea you can cut a nano sim to a micro sim, waiting until the SIM cards become available meant more phones in the market, therefore lower prices.

      It’s not really an argument as much as it is an observation. There are many who were withholding from buying the phone simply because of the lack of nano sims. Them buying the phone now is like telling all those companies selling it for a huge amount that it’s okay. The less people buy, the more the prices fall.


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