iPhone 5 in Lebanon: The Nano Sim Problem


With Apple unveiling their new iPhone 5, a problem has surfaced for Lebanese users who want to purchase the phone and it is the SIM card that the phone uses.
Ditching the micro sim that was made popular by the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 uses a new generation of SIM cards called nano sims.
The standard was only approved a few months ago so it’s still not available in many countries and the iPhone 5 will be the first phone to use this standard.


Unlike micro sims, you can’t cut a bigger sim into a nano sim which is how most early iPhone 4 adopters managed before the microsim became available in early fall of 2010, almost 3 months after the initial release of the iPhone 4.

Alfa has issued a statement that it will be getting nano sims soon. But that’s soon in Lebanese standards which might mean a few months. So for those who rushed to pre-order their iPhones already and expect to have them in Lebanon in the coming weeks, you’ll be stuck with your older phones until an “unconfirmed” date.


But hey, at least you’ll have that gorgeous device to keep you busy until then. Right?

11 thoughts on “iPhone 5 in Lebanon: The Nano Sim Problem

  1. For me this is another reason to add to the long list of why the iPhone should not be considered the creme de la crop. I know people like the iPhone because it is simple to use and the learning curve is not as big compared to learning an Android OS and the fact it is a beautiful phone. What I do not understand why people put up waiting for a micro SIM? Why people put up with using one and only one keyboard? (Try swiftkey 3 on an Android phone it will change your life) Why people put up with having one screen size? Why people put up not living with NFC built into the iPhone? Why the people put up with such a fragile phone that the screen shatters from the first drop?
    And the list goes on and on…
    I do not hate the iPhone and I have nothing against the iPhone but what do hate is the perception that the iPhone is considered the best of the best. Where Android, after the fall of 2011, simply surpassed the iPhone. Whether it was in screen resolution or battery life, which were Android’s Achilles’ heel.


  2. It is quite simple though.. the average consumer of telephones is not a geek.. He does not look up the specs efiiciently and needs to see the phone and use it before buying. the iPhone is better demanded because simply the consumer has knowledge of its functions before it hits the market. whereas android based phones like samsung do not advertize LIKE apple. they simply release the phone to the market and study the results.

    Specifications wize, Samsung Galaxy SIII is much better than iPhone but fact still remains that it’s interface is much more complex and requires maintenance vis-a-vis antivirus, market place etc.
    So people get iphone.. easier, less buttons, great specs and the Aw of them having an “iPhone 5” the latest model that apple’s geniuses could come up with 😉


    • Irrelevant if samsung is better in technical details. Iphone became a fashion symbol, and the perception is: if you have the iphone your trendy and fashionable. Samsung needs many years to establish that.

      No matter what critics say, look at the sales it surpassed 5 million in the openning week!



      • 2 of my cousins wanted to get the iPhone 5 because it was “known” to be good. After I have shown them the features of my Galaxy Ss3, they were in awe!! They in turn start to show what Android phones can do compared to iPhone phones, their friends start returning their new iPhone.


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  4. The problem of nano sim is no longer a problem in Lebanon. Micro sims are cut with devices as before, and the thickness is no problem. Already there are some Lebanese users are enjoying the use of iPhone 5.


  5. Hassoun, are u sure of that? I am heading to beirut in about 3 weeks and taking my iphone5 with me , i really dont want to be stuck with no phone during my stay. do u know who cuts it and where?
    thank you


    • Hey Raghda,

      I’m pretty sure there are shops that cut micro sims around here but I haven’t seen anyone with an iPhone 5 in Lebanon yet to ask them how they did it. Either way, it’s a tedious thing to do but I guess there’s a way.
      Also your iPhone needs to be unlocked in order to work here.


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