Dancing With The Stars Coming To Lebanon

The United States’ most watched competition TV Show is coming to Lebanon thanks to MTV. A source has told me that the show’s presenter will be Carla Haddad, former weather anchor at LBC, who went to MTV solely in order to quick start the show.

MTV has already started promo for the show on its airways by teasing viewers about the most watched TV show in the world coming to its airways, along with scenes of people dancing. This is the promo in question:

Don’t expect a lot of current famous people to make their way to the TV show but expect “stars” that we are at least familiar with. I will update this post if I get definite names of anyone who’s participating in it.

DWTS pairs famous people with a dancing partner and they dance to a judging panel which grades them. Their grade is then combined with audience vote to determine who gets kicked off. The American version is now in an all-star season which has brought back winners and finalists from all previous seasons.

I personally think MTV has the chops to pull off such a production, similarly to how MBC and LBC are pulling off The Voice. I guess we’ll wait and see. DWTS should start airing on MTV soon.

7 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars Coming To Lebanon

  1. I am fed up with all the imported and boxed shows, where is the creativity, their budgets in the TV companies runs in the millions and they pay millions to get a “successful” TV show, but in my opinion they are empty, they have the lovely package but is does not have a soul, i am not talking about MTV in specific or LBCI, but the general trend is either to buy or to copy, but rarely to be creative.

    Like the lebanese folk saying ” kil shi franji brinji”


    • That’s the same sentiment I expressed when I wrote about importing The Voice back in July. Sadly though, there’s nothing we can say that would get TV stations to change their minds.



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