Movenpick Lebanon… For Sale

The avalanche keeps on rolling. The new casualty in the Lebanese economic scene is Movenpick Hotel as its owner, Saudi businessman Walid Ben Talal, has put it up for sale. (Source)

Movenpick joins Buddha Bar and Fuddruckers as the latest in a series of high profile businesses that declare it quit.
This snowballing effect cannot but be taken back to how things are today. It’s not due to the assassination which took place a couple of weeks ago. It is not due to recent events.
This is a culmination of all the policies that this current government has pioneered – and it seems they haven’t taken the hint yet.

If a businessman as wealthy as Walid Ben Talal can’t handle the Lebanese situation anymore, then what can you say about those who don’t have his billions?
Meanwhile, our minister of tourism believes things are alright. It seems the Nile has taken route across the Lebanese capital.

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