The Lebanese University… Of March 8’s Islamization

The Lebanese University in Al-Hadath has become a security zone for March 8’s political parties notably Hezbollah and Amal.

The entry to the university is filled with pictures of Hezbollah’s martyrs, Hezbollah and Amal flags and banners, pictures of Hassan Nasrallah and Nabih Berri. And the administration can’t do anything about it. They even have rooms which they only get access to for secret party meetings. Because Hezbollah and Amal need such rooms inside universities to control the future of the country – what they’re doing on the streets and in the government is not enough apparently.

Even the cafeteria at the university has been overtaken by known Shiite family “Zaaitry” who even run a cellphone shop from there, not allowing any outside food to be brought in to the cafeteria. They control everything that goes on inside the cafeteria, down to the overpricing of items and forbidding people from filming.

The cafeteria of the faculty of business was burned down and turned into a prayer room. And if you speak out against anything that goes on there, you are taken to a room that they call 109 where you are punished until you don’t dare to speak again. Praise Nasrallah day in, day out. Don’t you dare do anything else.

Their reach also extends from the logistic part of the university to its educational aspect. The liberal arts classes have been turned into Hezbollah’s Islamic arts classes. If anything doesn’t conform with Al-Khomeini teachings (he also has a picture at the university), it has to go. For instance, nudity drawing classes are absolutely forbidden because they violate “religion.” Drawing another human without something to cover them up is absolutely against the Sharia. Therefore, it has to go. Never mind that it is part of the official curriculum approved by the Lebanese state. Never mind that nudity drawing is an absolute necessity for any student who wants to to learn that art. No, it’s not acceptable for a woman to see a man’s private part. A female student actually dared to pose in a swimsuit for her colleagues to draw her. The teacher was punished. She was punished. And the students were also punished.

The administration sides with Hezbollah every time. They have their heads to keep. March 8 also has access to the exams that the university gets the students to sit down for – and they’re for sale. And don’t you dare refuse them when they’re offered or it’s room 109 for you.

There’s even a video and a whole article in Arabic about this, thanks to NowLebanon whose reporter was also threatened as she gathered her information to write this article. The threat is available on video too.

I thought the Lebanese university was for the entirety of Lebanon’s students. But it seems that it’s not the case. If you’re not a Shiite student who happens to be with Hezbollah and Amal, don’t you dare step there for a headache-free diploma. Even being FPM or any other March 8 party with predominantly Christian followers is not highly approved. Your liberties will be infringed upon. Your freedom will be limited. Your voice will be silenced. You won’t be able to speak up. Your body will be punished. Your intellect will be taken away… all for the greater anti-Zionist good.

Some people stand by Hezbollah because they’re supposedly fighting Israel. I wonder, how is it fighting Israel in a campus that has absolutely nothing to do with Israel whatsoever? How is this form of cultural terrorism against fellow Lebanese a form of resistance against an enemy we all agree upon? How is taking over a campus like this fighting the so-called Zionist project for the region?

And how is this part of the project of co-existence and protecting one self that some Christian parties, which are allied with Hezbollah, are championing?

If there’s any proof about the ulterior motives of Hezbollah in the country in turning this piece of whatever co-existence we have into an state where only what they say goes, it’s their behavior at the Lebanese University. It starts at a small scale that might go unnoticed. After all, the students don’t dare to talk about it and reporters are afraid to report it. The party officials obviously know of it. They obviously approve of it. And good luck to you if you happen to be born into a family who cannot afford to send you to a university where you will actually get Hezbollah-free education.

And some people are actually appalled that there’s a rise of extremism among Lebanon’s other populations. What other “natural” response could the different segments of Lebanon’s societies have regarding this obvious transgression to every single fundamental right and freedom we were brought up believing in?

And some people are appalled that some Lebanese parties demand the dismantling of the weapons of the party of “God.” What’s the only thing letting Hezbollah dominate the Lebanese University in such a way? Yes, those arms that are there to fight our big bad neighbor to the South.

The Lebanese University is now branded LUI – the Lebanese University of Iran. It even has the picture of the Supreme Leader of Iran there for blessing. You don’t get an education there – you get a crash course with how it is to be an outlaw and to have a whole arsenal to support you on your side – down to every single component of your governing body.

Welcome to the republic of disgrace where your government can’t even guarantee you a proper crap-free education away from Hezbollah’s zealots. Oh wait. They are the government.

20 thoughts on “The Lebanese University… Of March 8’s Islamization

  1. 1- It is According the Regulations Of The LU , The Student’s Council’s Right to Post both Religious And Political Banners
    2- It Isn’t An Everyday Thing As You Imply no , I Study at LU Hadath and Political and Religious Banners are Seldom put up
    3- They Also Decorate for Christmas and Easter #SideNote
    4-Future Movement and PSP have Political debates and Rallies at Hadath and I’ve Attended a few myself ( was for my friends in my defense :p)
    5-The Accusing HezboAllah of Burning down the BS Cafeteria is Like Accusing them of killing Al-Hasan and Harriri etc etc take a ticket and Stand in Line :p Conspiracy Theory Over Dose :d
    6-Yes Indeed The Faculty Of Science Cafeteria Is Horrendous , more like a personal Supermarket and i wouldn’t mind at all it being shut down , bl 3akes il encourage that . But that Wouldn’t Happen ! Ask me why Elie :p Because The Hadath Branch Kello Masal7 . Harriri Own The Main Food Supply Company and Also The Electronics Company Running The Campus . I swear Prices are Cheaper in DT and That is why The “z3aiter” Cafeteria was Overlooked in the first place (still not defending it though )
    7- As For The Praying rooms , I personally have a schedule which runs from 8am to 6pm regularly . Praying time is 11:30 , i wont wait that Long . a Small room barely a couple of m2 is no harm for anyone , if you mind that it is your problem ^^
    8- More than 80% (probably more) of the students in that Uni are from the same sect/political view , i don’t favor talking like this but good luck starting a revolution :p


    • 1 – Yes, a student council that has been there without elections. Either way, the regulations need to change.
      2 – Them happening every day or only one day, such banners – regardless of who puts them – should be forbidden.
      3 – Shou khass?
      4 – And they have debates with? I don’t see the relevance.
      5 – Who accused Hezbollah of burning anything? I merely said the cafeteria was burned.
      6 – Ok, good.
      7 – I didn’t say I have a problem with the prayer room.
      8 – Yes because that’s the mentality 😀


  2. Oh give me a break, so the Lebanese university is a Hizbullah stronghold now, this is such a racist article I can’t believe you wrote it. Whenever Shiites step foot anywhere in the country we are accused of radicalizing it and turning it into a mini Iran. All this is is a racist rant being channeled into criticism, everyone likes to pick on us because they view us as the enemy and everything our political parties does is evil, well I’ve got news for you the other parties are not any better, and other universities do the exact same thing, how many political slogans are there in USJ or BAU, but no were the evil bad guys radicalizing the country. Stop scapegoating the Shiites we are not the root of all evil, were just citizens trying to live our lives just like everybody else, get used to it.


    • It’s absolutely not my problem that when I talk about Hezbollah you infer I’m talking about Shiites of the country. Either way, regarding your comment, the melodrama needs to be toned down slightly. And if you agree with what Hezbollah is doing at that university, then feel free to be included personally as their supporter not as their shiite in the content of the post 🙂


    • Middle Eastern people should be more careful with the English terms “racist” and “racism”. “Racism” is prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s “race” (which is outdated anyway). Shiites are not a race, Maronites are not a race, Palestinians are not, Syrians are not, and so on….

      Muslims cannot be “racist” towards Christians and vice versa. I would also argue that Christians cannot be “racist” towards Jews and Jews cannot be “racist” towards Muslims.

      Please, more proper terminology would be “sectarianism”, “prejudice”, “discrimination”, or some combination.


      • I know and agreed. But it’s a misconception that’s ingrained in minds not only just here. So I don’t freak out when people use it because I know what they mean and similarly, I’ve used it despite it being wrong in order to get the message across.


  3. The above two comments that just because, in their head, Hezbollah and Shiite work interchangeably, doesn’t mean it applies here.
    Great piece!


  4. But this is besides the point. I bet pro Hizballah people would have a problem if there was another party who’s leader one day wakes up an decides to kidnap 2 israeli soldiers ruining the whole country and destroying people’s work, jobs, savings, lives, kids. For educated youth like yourselves seaking education, it would make more sense if you stopped following any fanatic ” nasrallah, geagea, Aoun, berri, etc…”. If you only stopped and asked yourself one question” why again Am I following this fool?”. How much smarter than me is he that he has the privilege of directing my life, my future and my family’s future. Any of these consciousless clowns could be the fool in your class judging by the amount of tests they went through to get where they are. Stop being ghanam and regular followers. Make your own decisions. Any 5 years old could tell you that its your lack of decision that strenghtifies these war lords. They have you in their back pockets because not one day did you ask them for explanations. This applies to all of them, without any exception, not geagea when he led christians to kill each other discrediting and erasing any legitimacy of a struggle to appeal the syrian hegemony, not aoun placing himself in a leader position where diplomacy is a test he could have failed ten times in a highschool class, not berri the anchor that is stalling the country for decades dipping into public funds on any occasion he gets….etc,… For the people that live in a homogenous country, life can be pretty bland and empty, everybody thinks alike and does te same thing. The richness of our country is in its variety. It is great to visit a particular area of the country where they have their own beliefs, culture and habits. As long as you don’t try to lay them on me. If I and my culture believe tgat the human body is a wonderful godly piece of art and that drawing it is ART. You have to cut me a break as long as I am not painting it in YOUR HOUSE.


    • People are free to believe politically whatever they want. And we are all free to disagree. I draw the line though when it starts being enforced on others – and it’s obvious the most when it comes to the liberal arts class, as you pointed out.


    • Thank you for reading.
      I guess i never expected it to be this bad. I was told that the banners and stuff were put up for only a day. This doesn’t change the other stuff happening at the university, especially when it comes to the liberal arts classes.


  5. great post man… i was a student in Fannar , I never wanted to go to Hadath because it was a Hezbollah strong hold even then ( 4 years ago ) every one supporting any political indoctrination that is in hadath is a moron! an idiot , an absolute sheep.
    I Pity the comments in support of this disgusting shit Hezbollah and ammal pulled in the LU.
    as a Lebanese Nationalist I feel Depressed seeing this video.
    Depressed that such sheep are allowed to be holding the same passport i hold.

    Thanks for this depressing article
    again you’ve hit it on the head!


    • I never thought they’d have this deep of an influence at a university just because it exists in an area where they are strong demographically. And I daresay our passport is not exactly top-notch in any way 😛

      Thank you for reading!



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