Vote for Miss Lebanon Rina Chibany for Miss Universe

Help Miss Lebanon Rina Chibany secure a spot in the semi-finals of the Miss Universe pageant by voting for her. Just click (here) and input your name and email and click vote. It’s that easy.

Now I know this is silly compared to what’s happening in the world right now and whatnot. But we need some fun sometimes. You can vote multiple times.

And for the activists among you who need to turn this into a cause… you’ll be voting against the Israeli contestant! See? Isn’t that fun?

Now please don’t share this with BDS people who’ll end up asking Chibany to boycott the pageant.

Vote everyone 😀


15 thoughts on “Vote for Miss Lebanon Rina Chibany for Miss Universe

  1. jamelikkk se7er.. u r the best queen ever “RINA” we are proud of having u as our miss…love u…!! go rina go…7aram ma ttla3i miss world..:) tc


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