Klink Revolution: Myriam Klink’s New Song


She calls herself QMK which I guess translates to Queen Myriam Klink so I may be doing her a disservice by omitting the first word.. This is Myriam Klink’s new “song” about the current state of things in Lebanon. You know, el en2isam, el ta2ifiye w heik.

Unless Nemr Abou Nassar is so bored he wants to expand his fanbase again, I’m willing to bet no one will be having a field day with this.

Interestingly, it was “debuted” on Joe Maalouf’s radio show. It seems he doesn’t mind this type of “music” being played on his airwaves if it brings in audiences.

I thought she was just messing around with Antar. But this shows that she’s actually taking herself seriously. Lord have mercy.

Proceed with caution. The path ahead is extremely risky for your eardrums and there’s no accompanying dance video to please your eyes.


10 thoughts on “Klink Revolution: Myriam Klink’s New Song

  1. What the heck? I remember threatening you with a Micronesian take-over. After hearing this I a believe they have a pretty legitimate casus belli.


  2. O.0 obviously she got time and money to waste… XD the sad part is the lyrics are not so bad if you remove the “tfuh” change this beat into a majida el roumi style and give it to a real artist…. But on her : Khof ma bkhabberkoun


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