The Westboro Baptist Church – America’s Main Hate Group: A Dark Mark on Christianity

Westboro Baptist Church

You’d think that in 2012, a group that champions itself to be a church would also champion acceptance and forgiveness. That might be true to most denominations of Christianity today – except the Westboro Baptist Church.

Do you know why, according to WBC, the children in Connecticut got murdered by Adam Lanza? Do you know what’s their theory behind Victoria Soto protecting her entire first grade class as she lost her life execution-style?

It’s because of Carrie Underwood supporting same-sex marriage.

Yes, you read that right. Underwood who declared her support for marriage equality earlier in 2012 has brought the wrath of God upon this small town in Connecticut. “She pimped fag marriage. Blood of dead school kids on her hands!” WBC spokesperson tweeted to Underwood who at her concert of the night of the shooting held a moment of silence to commemorate the victims. You could’ve heard a pin drop in a crowd of 10,000 people. She also gave all proceedings of that night’s concert to charity.

It doesn’t stop there. The Westboro Baptist Church likes to crash funerals of American soldiers who died for their country, which is unacceptable regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum regarding the military practices of the United States. They are also preparing for protests at the funeral of the children who were shot in Sandy Hook Elementary. They’re set to ruin the last memory of these children by linking their untimely death to some crazy reason of their choice. If there was ever a time for guns, it would be that. If I were a parent at that funeral, I’d have my gun ready. Just in case.

Westboro Baptist Church - 2

American students forming a human barricade against the WBC at a soldier's funeral.

American students forming a human barricade against the WBC at a soldier’s funeral.

The Westboro Baptist Church which spreads its venomous message to whoever would listen are media whores. They jump on anything that receives national media attention in order to spread out their message. Their protests have also been deemed legal by the US Supreme Court.

With them gaining traction, some sane Americans decided they won’t have it anymore. A petition was started online to officially recognize this church as a hate group which would remove their tax-exempt status and hopefully slowly lead them to their extinction. The petition gained over 50,000 signatures in only a few hours. You can sign it here. As a person who will be doing his medical residency program in the United States in a couple of years, I wouldn’t want to come across these people in any way whatsoever. I have, therefore, signed it.

What the Westboro *so called Baptist* Church seems to entirely miss is the fact that everything they do contradicts the teachings of their supposed savior Jesus Christ whose message about love and acceptance, even if you don’t believe in religion, is one that people should follow in their every day lives. This “Church’s” actions are nothing short of hate and bigotry. What they do is so nauseatingly bad that they’ve become a massive dark mark on Christianity in the United States and the world.

There’s a way to be against same-sex marriage. There’s a way to be against abortion. There’s a way to be against the mainstream media. And that way isn’t Westboro’s way.

I know firsthand that being a Christian person doesn’t mean being like them. But if being Christian means I’d be associated with those people in any way whatsoever, I’m tempted I’ll have to reconsider. Oh men of weak faith. But I’d rather they leave my religion because they’re the ones tarnishing it with every word they speak, with every “God hates the soldiers” poster they hold at one of those soldiers’ funerals and with every moment they exist.

If the Westboro Baptist Church had been a group in the Middle East, rest assured the United States would have bombed the hell out of the country in which they resided. It’s high time the American government take a stance against those so obviously practicing mental and cultural terrorism on its land.

Talking about them might give them exposure – but I think we need to talk about them now in order to stop them once and for all. Jesus to Westboro Baptist Church: I do not approve of you. Sign the petition.

10 thoughts on “The Westboro Baptist Church – America’s Main Hate Group: A Dark Mark on Christianity

  1. I don’t think I can take those people seriously but you’re right. They need to be labeled a hate group and eradicated.
    Freedom of speech has its limits!


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  3. Hey homie, got questions n a couple comments on this piece.
    First, in your title you name, “American’s Main Hate Group”. What specific American? If it means plural possessive, the comma goes after the s: “Americans’ Main Hate Group”.
    I can’t imagine this young church is the U.S.A.’s main hate group yet–a group of only ~40 ppl. Most American’s would give that title to the KKK, which has about 100x more members and a pedigree going back almost 150 years.
    “As a person who will be doing his medical residency program in the United States in a couple of years”
    Awesome! Where in the U.S.? With around 300mil ppl in our country, it will be EASY to never run into these ppl :). Just avoid Topeka, and maybe Kansas altogether–not much there anyways.
    and…Freedom of Speech is our country’s most cherished right. As long as they aren’t creating physical danger (firing missiles, shooting guns) and on most public (but esp. their own private) property they have this right. As ugly as their values are, they’re free to express them. Having the government take away the rights they’re abusing would be an illiberal step going against the values of Classical Liberalism that our country was founded on.


    • Hey Joey. The title is supposed to be “America’s” not “Americans’.” So I’ve fixed that.

      I think the Westboro Baptist Church have more than 40 people. I’m willing to be they’ll find lots of sympathizers with their cause in the U.S.A. I was also under the impression the KKK has become irrelevant. If that’s isn’t the case then let me amend my statement to this: WBC is America’s main rising hate group.

      I don’t know where I’ll be doing my medical residency yet. It’s not something that we know at this point – it’s a long application process. However, by the time I get to the US in a couple of years, the WBC may be more far-reaching than they are now.

      Freedom of speech is the world’s most cherished right. Or most of the world. But with freedom of speech comes responsibility as well. People are also free to mourn in peace. Those parents are free to cry their children without having people tell them at their children’s funeral how the body they’re putting in the deep ground is there because “God hates fags.”
      Sure, they’re free to express their values but there comes a point where expressing those values is borderline spreading hate. And are you sure no hate crimes are being committed due to the ideas spread by the WBC?

      Classic liberalism is important and all – but so is respect for everyone.


      • From wikipedia: “On August 2, 2012, Congress passed a bill that included restrictions on demonstrators at military funerals. The bill says that demonstrators are not allowed to picket from 2 hours before the funeral service until 2 hours after, and requires that protestors stay at least 300 feet away from grieving family members.”
        I might sound naïve, but I honestly believe the American legislative system will continue competently in never-ending revision of The Law. I agree that respect and responsibility should be demanded of our fellow citizens. It’s just that our legislative system is already overwhelmed with bureaucracy, we have to be cautious with drafting more laws. We’re over-regulated.
        This “church” is really just one crazy family.There’s other groups that are far more frightening; unlikely to ever be in the media. It’s very unlikely WBC will have influence in our society, as the younger American generations are quickly giving up religion and spiritual belief. Black Americans have historically been very religious, but I’ve met plenty my age who are professed athiests/agnostics. Young Americans are generally giving up on religion. WBC is irrelevent to them, at most a pain in the ass.

        Unfortunately, our society continues it’s division along lines of race, pedigree, color, and economic class. The far right (Tea Party) is fearing a non-WASP takeover by brown “parasite” socialists. The “white power” gun-toting conservatives are frightening. The left is going further left as well. Unfortunately conspiracy theories have gained popularity too: 9/11 “truthers”, Obama “birthers”, and/or “Osama bin Laden is still alive, and is a CIA agent”! 😦
        The problem is growing igorance and fear of the other, and it will only divide and bring us down. Tough times we have ahead–yes.


  4. Just read about them and found out they are hardcore Calvinists. Calvinism, a denomination once very dominant down here and which has partly shaped our history and culture, sure has its fair pair of total nutjobs. First the apartheid-promoting churches defending inferioriy of blacks based on Israelite laws , and now these total freaks.

    I don’t mean to hate on all Calvinists but I sure as hell am uncomfortable with ideas like “limited atonement” and “unconditional election”. Of course, these freaks hate most other Calvinists and most other Calvinists rightfully hate these freaks. But if you delve into the doctrines it won’t make you a happy man. And I’d take liberal secularism anytime over their intrusiveness.

    Maybe you can make their leader more sensible and convert him to the Maronite faith, after you have withstood his rage on Catholics 🙂


    • I also saw one of his crazed seminars. This dude reminds me of some old man in the train who once tried to convince me Catholics are not Christians because they pray to the pope and crucifixes. Religious fundamentalists are probably on to something, I bet everytime they get in a theocratic rage they get a hormone boost or something. There’s got to be something I don’t know.



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