Islamophobia and Racism in an American Movie Theatre

Fresh off the news of a New Yorker throwing a brown-skinned man in front of a train for thinking he was Muslim (click here), the following tweets were brought to my attention of Americans who decided to go and watch Kathryn Bigelow’s new craptastic movie “Zero Dark Thirty.”




Not only is that excuse of movie Zero Dark Thirty grossly inaccurate, nauseatingly stereotypical and a disgustingly shameful propaganda (click here), but it seems to be resonating with its intended audience by rousing up their Islamophobia and racism.

This is not an isolated incidence in the United States. The growing sense in American culture that Islam is all a bunch of jihadists who can’t wait to blow themselves up is unacceptable. And American media not only propagates that feeling, it helps fuel it.

How is it legal to have a whole ethnicity and religion categorized as such in these times and age?

You know something about those filthy Arabs and Muslims? They are sure taking all this crap in strides when they’re the most hated group on the planet.

Some people need to be ashamed of themselves.

Thank you @IsmailSakalaki for sending the tweets my way.

14 thoughts on “Islamophobia and Racism in an American Movie Theatre

  1. enticing piece Elie, as always. My heart goes out to poor Mr. Sen..

    as for those tweets…”hope they don’t get any ideas” yeah like that guy did when he killed 12 people in the theater during the Batman movie. it’s funny how they publicize just how stupid and ignorant they are for everyone to see on twitter.

    they all sound so brainwashed, the same as many extremists are brainwashed in the Middle East to fight against christians. For me, it’s the same thing. as a christian from the middle east however, it puts me in a very sensitive position. Because I can’t justify their fears of muslims because i know it’s not completely true and it’s biased, but at the same time i can’t completely say that the middle east is the safest place to be, free of racism and discrimination against christians. It’s hard to talk sense into both sides.


  2. I fail to see how Ms. Bigelow’s film is propaganda. The tweets above are certainly nauseating, but it’s only one side. There are liberals in the U.S. who are applauding the film, but with totally opposite opinions. It would be quite a stretch to consider this film more inaccurate than “Lincoln”, but it is definantly far more daring and has polarized American discourse.


      • May I ask what you didn’t like about Hurt Locker? Keep in mind, these movies are more of a statement on Americans than on the MidEast. Have you seen a documentary called Restrepo? You might like that better than Bigelow’s “docu-dramas”.


        • I found it to be very boring. Also, her movies all have the same formula. Being able to speak Arabic, I knew when a bomb would explode before it did. I understood the conversations that are meant to be spooky for her intended audience.
          I didn’t dislike it because of the message – that would be zero dark thirty, which is trumped by The Hurt Locker in quality.

          And there were much better movies nominated that year and they didn’t win.



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