May Hariri vs MTV: The Conclusion

It all turned out to be one big misunderstanding – or so was the easiest legal loophole for May Hariri to get out of:

  1. Calling the CEO of MTV a horny old man,
  2. Calling the entire DWTS a fabrication,
  3. Making herself a victim of her support to the Syrian regime,
  4. Going on several TV shows, such as Tony Khalifeh’s Lel Nashr, to prove her point but to no avail,
  5. Trying to sue MTV for bringing Haifa Wehbe on one of the DWTS shows.

That’s the May Hariri vs MTV story grosso modo. It started with a bang (click here) and today it was apparently solved amicably with May Hariri apologizing, saying about two months of constant drama were only one “slip of the tongue.”

That’s one big slip if you ask me. Freud would be more than baffled if he had been her to witness it. As a testament to the now fixed relationship between MTV and May Hariri, she will be on this Sunday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars.

I won’t go into how big of a mess May Hariri got herself into especially that with every statement she made, she kept coming off as a bad sport who couldn’t handle being the first one to lose on Dancing With The Stars especially after all the pimping the show’s executives gave her.

The more May Hariri initially spoke about the show, the more I got convinced that a show like Dancing With The Stars where famous people will most probably end up losing could never work in Lebanon. Our famous people, regardless of how famous they are, always think they are more important than what they truly are and cannot handle not coming out as victors all the time.

That’s what I had thought. It turned out though that May Hariri is the only participant star who needs a crash course in sportsmanship:

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:

Lesson 5:

MTV let her off way too easily. The amount of slander she threw at the network and the show is too high to be solved amicably. They should have shown May Hariri exactly how much she was mistaken to go on her unfounded foolish tirade.

But MTV doesn’t seem to care: the show is a huge success, at least in Lebanon. May Hariri is the only person who came out on the losing side and she barely registered on their radar.



5 thoughts on “May Hariri vs MTV: The Conclusion

    • Perhaps so but look at it this way: they are giving her the exposure she probably wanted out of this, regardless of the ass kissing she will have to do, and eventually they’re not getting anything in return for it while she’s basically ending up unscathed.



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