May Hariri’s Serious Lack of Sportsmanship

Dancing With The Stars, Lebanon edition had its first elimination round on Sunday and I had no idea who lost until I watched this YouTube video in which the reaction really surprised me:

May Hariri who was so bad at dancing she ranked last with the judges found herself in the bottom two teams. She was then eliminated by not garnering enough votes to put her on top the other team – no puns intended in any way whatsoever.

You’d expect the famous person who loses to take it well and be, in typical cliche manner, thankful for the experience, blah blah blah. Except with May Hariri who apparently aimed to lose because – and I quote – “[she] has lots of other stuff to do.”

It seems plastic fillings reach the brain as well.

Update: There’s paranoia on top of the plastic.

According to the following video, Michel el Murr, MTV CEO, has “lusts” that he can’t control. It seems there’s a “contract breach” and that she was used to “bring them viewers boom” because she’s in the same league as Haifa, Elissa and Nancy. Nidale Ahmadiyeh is on the line as well so you know shit just got real.

May Hariri is also a political victim now because she’s against “anyone who touches Syria.” And leave it to Nidale el Ahmadiyeh to be “thankful they didn’t shoot [her] on stage because MTV’s politics are known.”

The amount of stupidity that some B-listers with high-profiles in this country have is outstanding. This lack of sportsmanship just turned into absolute disgust – this is the definition of pathetic.

14 thoughts on “May Hariri’s Serious Lack of Sportsmanship

  1. C’est alors que la belle cougar de DWTS a montré à quel point elle pouvait tenir ses fans d’un mouvement de ses GROS SEINS et son cul , merde ;p what a shame


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  3. B lister? She’s a d lister! She barely had one sing that people remember.
    Seriously she looked like a horny cougar throughout the whole show and they kept referring to her skills in oriental dance! She’s not good enough to dance as a fluffer in a bar. She’s really delusional.


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