Lebanon… The Diesel Exporter

Our race towards oil exportation has suddenly raced lightyears ahead! Who knew we’d start sending out fuel to neighboring countries in February 2013? Suck on it, Israel!

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but for once I congratulate the thugs of Tripoli for what they did this morning as they ruined what some politicians had hoped would be an easy travel of diesel tanks into Syria.

Gebran Bassil, minister of energy in Lebanon’s famed “neutral” government, has been sending copious amounts of diesel to help the Syrian regime in its war. Let’s disregard for a moment that this is breaking a multitude of international sanctions regarding Syria, especially when it comes to energy. Let’s ignore for a second that this diesel will end up in tanks whose only job these days is to kill as many innocent people as possible.

This neutrality policy that our government speaks of exists how exactly? Let’s stop hiding behind that vine leave and say it: neutrality my ass.

Our PM Najib Mikati is the only one in this government who truly wants a neutrality stance regarding Syria. Everyone else is either rooting for the regime secretly or is part of parties which are actively fighting with the regime, their people coming back here in body bags. But don’t let them think we know.

Our government’s neutrality position regarding Syria is akin to a class of students where everyone is talking except the teacher – and we tell everyone the class has model behavior.

I am appalled that people in our government can actually fathom sending diesel to help a regime in committing countless and growing war crimes. I am appalled that we are sending fuel to the Assad regime instead of giving this diesel for needy people across Lebanon – because killing Syrians definitely trumps whatever that fuel could be used for here.

Gebran Bassil – the parliament member wannabe who will lose for the third consecutive time this election round – should stick to bringing electricity boats over here and spewing sectarian and racist hatred instead of becoming an accomplice to wars and dragging the whole country with him. After all, it’s not only about diesel. It’s about the confrontation that sending diesel to Syria means in a country that is barely holding it together with its deep division over the Syrian matter.


45 thoughts on “Lebanon… The Diesel Exporter

  1. yup…saw a convoy of diesel tanker trucks headed to Syria the other day….shuddered at the thought of them going to the army tanks killing all these people…..what a disgrace…

  2. “I congratulate the thugs of Tripoli for what they did this morning”. Chi bisharif walla
    Let us assume that he is exporting diesel and making money ….. Did you make a background check to see who is responsible for this export ? Do you know that there are more than 200 companies that distribute diesel in leb ? Do you know what “mouncha2at al noft ” are ? Do you know the law regarding diesel distribution ? Of course you don’t , you just blame bassil like the narrow minded person you are, like you did with the roads in batroun and everything else.
    How come you didn’t notice that Future movement are sending weapons and some of the thugs you are cheering for to kill people in Syria Or you still believe it is just milk. Well “Loutfala” wasn’t full of milk Elie. #bassilophobia.

    • Seeing as he is the minister of electricity, FUEL and water, he is responsible for all exports and imports that happen in the country.
      This is simple common sense which you apparently desperately lack.

    • Mr Red, the law you refer to does not allow any export/import activities regarding fuel without minister of energy giving his/her consent. Your reply raised many questions without answering them and giving out empty claims. FM, of which I am NOT a supporter, is empowering the rebels – the weak. Enough hiding behind our index; sending weapons to the people being slaughtered and murdered daily is not a sister story to sending fuel for the criminals. What you refer to as bassilophobia, is probably your bassilophilia of the bassilomania.

    • Of course he doesn’t know details of any of this.. Just some material to prove that the ministers (especially FPM since you know, they are LF’s rivals) are not as neutral as they claim. Give him a break, it is the first piece of information condemning an FPM (not Hizb) minister in meddling in the Syrian business. That’s a piniata for LFers.
      In my opinion, LF’s stance regarding syria (especially not condemning terrorists who as a sunni, I tell ya, you have seen nothing yet from what they can do) will cost them the elections. everything that is happening in syria directly affects 14 march’s christians, priests being kidnapped, Rai’s visit, etc.. even other things happening in Lebanon: Assir, Irsal, etc.. So blindly blaming bassil of supporting the syrian regime is just a way to compensate this loss.

      • Here it is, the accusation that ANYONE who criticizes Bassil is a blinded LF person who sees Geagea everywhere. Give people a break from your ridiculous shitheadedness.
        Fyi, I ❤ Samer Hanna and your shi3a friend terrorists who do equally bad things as the extreme Sunnis and yet your eye is as blind as a doorknob.

      • I am not accusing him, I know that he is an LF supporter. blind as a doornob? shitheadedness? Calling me names will not make your point valid, Lara. calling shias terrorists is plain bigotry from your side. As far as I know, he one who killed Samer Hanna is being prosecuted, on the other hand, Future movement reps are trying to defend the murderers of Irsal. Tells a lot eh?
        So you assume that I am all pro-hizb? Nope. I call for the surrender of hizb’s weapons to the army. I am in no way a fan of them and I am against them being armed. And I am not politically affiliated. I just hate some politicians more than others. As I said, I am a sunni and I know how the Ikhwen function, if they rule syria you, and other lebs who are riding the arab spring bandwagon, will mourn the days of Assad. Time will tell

      • I am not blindly blaming Bassil and I’m surely not writing this because it’s a piniata for LFers. I have criticized the LF more than I have criticed Bassil and co but people don’t see that. Obviously.
        Anyway, we drastically disagree on the Syria position. Hezbollah has done much, much worse things in Lebanon. The Assad regime has also done far worse things to Christians than you probably think and Christians have not forgotten that as is evident by polls that show everyone neck to neck in Christian areas.

    • Yeah, I congratulate the people I called thugs for spoiling plans that some people were more than happy they were going smoothly. I don’t care about “mounsha2at l naft” and all that jazz. They all go back to the ministry in one way or another. You may not want to admit this. You can quote whatever half-lawed piece of whatever you want. It won’t change the fact that the ministry is in charge of what takes place inside the land when it comes to oil. And if you believe that import and export are in no way whatsoever monitored, then you’re simply as delusional as you believe I am narrow minded.

      Based on your comment, I can definitely see that you panic whenever the words Gebran Bassil are mentioned. Are you that pissed off that I will not in be voting for him? Or that he is losing in Batroun in a few months again? Because as far as I know, my post about the roads was slamming all 3 politicians and yet you only felt targeted with one. Now who’s the narrow-minded one?

      You call it bassilophobia. I call your undying love bassilomania.

      • I see you took a minute to reply to my post, yet ignored Lara’s post, which, 1- used a foul language, insulting me personally. 2- was totally bigoted, accusing a sect of being ‘terrorist’. Just pointing this out.
        Anyway, as I said I am not here to defend Hizb, but since you’re saying that they have done much much worse things, can you list some? and maybe compare them to what happened in Irsal, Halba massacre, Barja etc?
        Regarding the Syria thingie, I assure you that I am not politically affiliated, and I do NOT like Assad. But if it were to be him or ikhwen, definitely him. You still don’t know ikhwen yet, you’ll get to know them soon. not sure if you watched the 12 years old kid beheading a soldier over there. well that’s nothing. Ever wondered why is it that most, and I say most knowing that for sure, Christians of Syria wholeheartedly love assad? Ikhwen even say that any muslim living under a civil regime is a blasphemer, they have killed thousands of muslims in Algeria and Egypt. And now they are being introduced and sponsored in the Levant, of course by saudi arabia and qatar. getting rid of Assad is a fancy cover to an extremely bad book. Time will tell who’s as blind as a doorknob

        • I didn’t reply to Lara’s comment because it was addressed to you and I didn’t feel concerned.
          I do not reply to every single comment that gets posted here but I approve all of them, even ones that accuse me of being a narrow-minded LF bigot.

          And you seem to be selling Assad quite short because I can assure you his father (and then him) did much worse things over here. Moreover, the regime is also killing people left and right – the Houla Massacre comes to mind.

          So between the ekhwen ruling Syria and Assad, I’d take them anytime anyday.

          Most of the Syrian Christians I know do not like Assad. But yeah I guess most of those in Syria are with him. That doesn’t mean the Christians in lebanon to whom Assad was as bad as Israel was to the Shiites of the South will – regardless of what some current politicians who like to visit him and kiss up to him want you to think.

  3. Mr Red, the law you refer to does not allow any export/import activities regarding fuel without minister of energy giving his/her consent. Your reply raised many questions without answering them and giving out empty claims. FM, of which I am NOT a supporter, is empowering the rebels – the weak. Enough hiding behind our index; sending weapons to the people being slaughtered and murdered daily is not a sister story to sending fuel for the criminals. What you refer to as bassilophobia, is probably your bassilophilia of the bassilomania.

  4. here you go:

    بيان صادر عن المكتب الإعلامي في وزارة الطاقة والمياه حول تصدير المازوت إلى سورية :

    الثلاثاء في ١٢ شباط ٢٠١٣
    دأبت بعض الجهات السياسية والاعلامية مؤخراً على ترويج معلومات عن تصدير مازوت من مصافي النفط في طرابلس والزهراني الى سوريا عبر صهاريج سورية تمّ رصدها في الايام الماضية في منطقة الزهراني خصوصاً ، واضعين الامر في خانة تحدِّ العقوبات الدولية على سوريا وذلك لأغراض سياسية معروفة . وحيث ان هذه المعلومات تجافي الحقيقة وتطلق للأسف على لسان مسؤولين المعلومات المغلوطة ، لذلك يهم وزارة الطاقة والمياه توضيح ما يلي :
    أولاً : ان موضوع تصدير كميات من المازوت من الخزانات التابعة لها في مصفاتي طرابلس والزهراني الى سوريا او الى غيرها هو من ضمن صلاحيات منشآت النفط ومن ضمن اعمالها وهو بالتالي حق لها خاضع للقوانين اللبنانية . إلاّ أنه حتى الآن لم يتم تصدير أية كميات الى سوريا من الخزانات التابعة لها في مصفاتي طرابلس والزهراني خلافاً للمعلومات الموزعة .
    ثانياً : ان الصهاريج السورية التي تشاهد في منطقة الزهراني يتم تعبئتها من قبل احدى شركات القطاع الخاص الموجودة في الزهراني وليس من مصفاة نفط الزهراني .
    ثالثاً : ان المازوت المعاد تصديره الى سوريا والخارج هو ما يعرف بالمازوت الاخضر والذي تستورده الشركات الخاصة حصراً ، وبالتالي لا تتواجد هذه المادة ابداً في مصفاتي طرابلس والزهراني .
    رابعاً : ان عمليات اعادة التصدير التي تجري انما تتم وفق الاصول التجارية والادارية المتبعة ومن ضمن روتين اداري لا يستوجب موافقة او توقيع الوزير حيث تقوم شركات القطاع الخاص بتسديد رسوم متوجبة الى الدولة مقابل اعادة تصدير بضائعها الى الخارج .
    خامساً : ان ما يحكى عن خرق للعقوبات النفطية على سوريا غير صحيح اطلاقاً لأن الحكومة اللبنانية غير ملتزمة بالعقوبات على سوريا وهي عقوبات غير ملزمة والدليل على ذلك ارتال الشاحنات المتواجدة على الحدود السورية اللبنانية والتي تحمل مختلف انواع البضائع .

    • Let me extend the same courtesy that your kind extends to any statement that comes out from rival political parties or ministries (former ones) and call this a big fat load of BS. Especially that it comes from the same ministry who tried to cover up the diesel scandal last winter. 1 through 5 are absolute rubbish and are there to cover it up. You fall for it. I choose not to. You think I’m narrow minded. I disagree. And the merry goes round.

      PS: I had a full reply for each of those 5 points but I figured it would lead nowhere.

  5. Lara : Diesel export and import is the responsibility of “Mouncha2at al noft” which is also responsible for the fuel pricing. This is a free market where private companies sell and buy fuel.
    just because you consider it is common sense for the minister or the ministry of energy to be responsible for all exports and imports doesn’t mean you are right. What you desperately lack is an understanding of the laws that govern this sector.
    Bilal: Can you please share that law ? or you mean this one:
    لجنة منشأت النفط في طرابلس والزهراني تعمل وفق القوانين والأنظمة الخاصة بها وخاصةً أحكام قانون التجارة. وهي مسؤولة عن إستيراد وتصدير المشتقات النفطية.
    i believe the press release i shared answers the questions i raised earlier.

  6. i havent heard ANYONE criticize Ghazi Al Aridi, hundreds of ppl r dying every year because of bad road conditions and yet NOBODY has died because of lack of electricity, instead of criticizing gebran bassil in case of the roads in north, talk abt him y dont u ? its HIS job to fix the roads and not gebran bassil pff

      • u didnt speak of gebran bassil but u ALWAYS, do everything has limits, u have the right to criticize him but this is too much, at least he is working
        some without working r making things worst, y dont u talk abt them ? as i said ghazi el 3aridi
        ppl r dying on the roads because he’s doing nothing this is a small example MPs dont fix roads its not their job, ministers do so they r directly responsible

        • The last time I criticized Gebran Bassil in a bonafide post was in January 2012. That’s one year ago.
          During that year, I have bashed M14 especially during October. I have also criticized the LF repeatedly.
          And you’re telling me I criticize Gebran Bassil a lot?
          Excuse me but I think given the speeches he makes and the crap he does and all the lies he says, I don’t do it often.

          And yes, Ghazi Aridi is not an ideal minister. Not at all. But he’s not the one I can vote for and his ministry was not the only ministry responsible for the project that ruined the road.
          And I have also criticized both my district’s MPs, the one you are probably hinting I have undying love for, and odds are I am not voting for either one of them.

          And people tell me I criticize Gebran a a lot. It’s not my problem that the only posts you actually read are those where he’s criticized.

  7. Attacking FPM is more attractive to readers even though it is total BS. Aridi and the rest of the ministers are doing a great job. Walaw. But I have to congratulate Eli about his post on Batroun roads.He took some pics and made sure his voice reaches the officials. But he forgot to mention that Bassil visited most of the cities in Batroun that week along with the “muta3ahidin”. Needless to say that those corrupt “muta3idin” report to “Majles al2enme2 wal2i3mar” headed by Nabil El Jisr. El jisr does it ring any bells. He asked them to fix the roads asap and held a press conference ( http://www.gebranbassil.com/events/600/232/A358 ). Later that week he sent a letter to Nabil El Jisr urging him to fix the roads.The letter was published by a cpl of newspapers ( http://www.gebranbassil.com/in-the-media/press-releases/594/67/C52) .Bassil is not an MP of Batroun and yet he did the job of sheikh Botros and the other guy what’s his name.

    • I attacked all 3 major politicians in my district regarding the roads. ANd yet you only find that i attacked the FPM because that’s the only thing your brain seems to be wired to see. You know what, I didn’t even want to reply to any of the comments until this popped up because 1) you don’t live in Batroun, 2) you don’t drive that road every single day and 3) you have no clue what you’re talking about.

      I mentioned that Gebran Bassil said the road should be fixed on my blog’s Facebook page when I knew of it when he visited my town on one weekend after I posted my article. But you’re not there to see. Either way, the “fixed” road today is even worse than before. And yes, they have made an attempt to fix it.

      Fyi, it’s not even the job of the MPs to fix the roads. But as it is in Lebanon to mix all kinds of jobs together, an MPs job is to monitor what other ministries actually do in their district. And another fyi, one of the two projects which ruined the road was entirely done by Gebran Bassil’s ministry so there’s as much blame on him as there is on other MPs especially as I mentioned in the post that you half-read, ignoring every name that is not Gebran Bassil, that he has been driving up and down that road more than Batroun’s two MPs combined.

      Considering the what’s his name, his name is Antoine Zahra. And I’m not voting for him. But he’s 10 thousand times the MP that Gebran Bassil will never ever ever be. And that last part is a mathematical certainty.
      I’m absolutely thrilled there’s no way for him to win and for you to remain absolutely furious about that. Perhaps you should tell him to run in Baalabak 😉

      Another fyi, sources that are gebran’s website, tayyar or Lebanese-forces are not stuff that I refer to. In case you have time, I invite you to come visit the district and get your car to enjoy the roads.

      • You are right I don’t live in Batroun. But I go there every weekend. I don’t drive that road every day but i drove it many times.And I don’t drive a 4×4 so trust me i know what i am talking about. My last trip to Ebrin was a disaster to my car.
        I don’t want to get into a useless argument with you but let me tell you the following, While we waste our time arguing, the roads are still a mess.
        Zahra= 10000 Gebran, there’s no way for him to win. Are you serious ?
        I am actually from Baalbak and not from Batroun and i don’t vote for Gebran or Zahra. I really don’t care if they make it to the parliament or they don’t. That won’t affect me in any mean.But It is not a bad idea if he runs in Bekaa , better than the stupid MP supposedly representing us christians in that area.

        • Well after the road was “fixed,” it got worse. Similarly to the other 5 times it got “fixed” in.
          Odds are your car will not survive the trip today.
          I agree. I criticized both camps about the roads and each sides wants to justify their side over the other – and my car is the one that’s screwed.
          This is mentioned in a recent blog post as well.

  8. What’s the estimated quantity of diesel supplies going from Lebanon to Syria? I doubt it’s enough to keep Assad afloat. By the way I don’t get the discussion on whether or not the government is responsible, when faced with the facts that a) Syria is under sanctions and b) Syria fancies killing its own people with diesel-powered war machines then of course the government is responsible, if not legally then ethically. Or you could just not care about ethical boundaries or moreso the international situation. But that will not make you a very favorable bud in the club of nations.

    Incidentally I don’t understand why someone would support Assad because he ostensibly protects minorities. I for one would not trust any dick who would tell me I have full rights to pray but I will lose my tongue if I criticize the government. That’s a piss poor social contract and anybody with half a brain would acknowledge this. And if alternatives aren’t the best, well that’s not really the greatest argument now is it?

    If you want good roads then tell your local leaders you want to secede and become a German federal state! They build very good roads.

    • No estimated quantities yet. The “scandal” is still gaining momentum and more stuff will be unveiled soon.

      And hour comment is precisely the point. If the ministry found a legal loophole – and God knows they are many – to help the Syrian regime militarily, albeit in a limited fashion, that doesn’t mean we don’t get to criticize the minister who is heading the whole debacle.

      I also fully agree with your comment about minorities. And seeing as Assad basically killed Christians left and right in Lebanon, I daresay he “protects” minorities only when it actually works for him. Otherwise, then off to the chopping block you go.

      Regarding roads, some people over here get too shocked when you criticize your own politicians and immediately believe it’s only targeted at their favorite one. Therefore, we get nowhere because it turns into a “YOU NARROW MINDED BIGOT WHO HATES *insert name*”
      That’s not to mention reading through a selective looking glass.

      • By the way this blog post of yours escalated quickly. Some people really defend politicians not unlike a knee-jerk reactopm. It’s like you said Joseph Stalin was a major dimwit in the middle of the Politbureau or something.

        By the way the only Syrian I know is actually Assyrian, from what I gathered her community wasn’t really free at all under Assad and they are trying to get the rest of their family out. Must suck to be stuck there, it’ll take forever to repair Syria.

        • Yeah it is definitely a reflex to defend politicians. Especially when I criticize the FPM and Aoun’s buddies, which I don’t do as often as criticizing the politicians I’m accused of blindly following all the time. The last criticism was actually about 3 days ago – but they don’t read those. They only read what irks them.

          And definitely about the Syrian Christians. How about they do some studies about how many Christians left Syria under the Assad regime because of the silent persecution they had to go through?
          But that’s not what sells. What sells is the following headline: Islamists Ruling Syria Vow To Cleanse the Area of Christians.
          You can add Sunni next to Islamists because as we all know, it apparently comes only in one kind.

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  10. Recent reports have shown that the exports have gotten ministry approval and they are used to fuel warplanes in Syria. Just saying.


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