Is Lebanon Exporting Explosives to Syria?

The following document shows an agreement between a Lebanese company for explosives, whatever that is, and a geological company in Syria for the export of 50 tons of dynamite and 51,000 meters of wire. The export happened a few days ago on February 14th.

Lebanon explosives Syria export


I think we can all agree that a geological company in Syria is definitely not doing research on the type of rocks their country has in the midst of what Syria is going through. The export itself was also approved by the ministry of interior affairs via two agreements which were signed back in May. They obviously don’t pertain to this specific deal but extend to other deals with Syria.

The above document also shows a request for security forces to accompany the shipment inside Lebanese territory from its point of origin in Koura to its point of delivery at the Northern border. Where is this neutrality policy we keep hearing about? It’s deader than Tutankhamun.

As I said before, the only person in our government who is truly in favor of such a policy is our prime minister Najib Mikati and who, with each “export” that happens from Lebanon towards Syria of material that might be used to perpetuate the conflict there, loses credibility and traction among those that view or viewed him favorably. The sad realization, which I’m sure Mikati also shares, is that we – including our PM – can’t do anything regarding this but watch.

Diesel wasn’t good enough. So we are now sending dynamite to Syria too. Because sedimentation research using 50 tons of dynamite is of utmost important these days.

Lebanon… The Diesel Exporter

Our race towards oil exportation has suddenly raced lightyears ahead! Who knew we’d start sending out fuel to neighboring countries in February 2013? Suck on it, Israel!

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but for once I congratulate the thugs of Tripoli for what they did this morning as they ruined what some politicians had hoped would be an easy travel of diesel tanks into Syria.

Gebran Bassil, minister of energy in Lebanon’s famed “neutral” government, has been sending copious amounts of diesel to help the Syrian regime in its war. Let’s disregard for a moment that this is breaking a multitude of international sanctions regarding Syria, especially when it comes to energy. Let’s ignore for a second that this diesel will end up in tanks whose only job these days is to kill as many innocent people as possible.

This neutrality policy that our government speaks of exists how exactly? Let’s stop hiding behind that vine leave and say it: neutrality my ass.

Our PM Najib Mikati is the only one in this government who truly wants a neutrality stance regarding Syria. Everyone else is either rooting for the regime secretly or is part of parties which are actively fighting with the regime, their people coming back here in body bags. But don’t let them think we know.

Our government’s neutrality position regarding Syria is akin to a class of students where everyone is talking except the teacher – and we tell everyone the class has model behavior.

I am appalled that people in our government can actually fathom sending diesel to help a regime in committing countless and growing war crimes. I am appalled that we are sending fuel to the Assad regime instead of giving this diesel for needy people across Lebanon – because killing Syrians definitely trumps whatever that fuel could be used for here.

Gebran Bassil – the parliament member wannabe who will lose for the third consecutive time this election round – should stick to bringing electricity boats over here and spewing sectarian and racist hatred instead of becoming an accomplice to wars and dragging the whole country with him. After all, it’s not only about diesel. It’s about the confrontation that sending diesel to Syria means in a country that is barely holding it together with its deep division over the Syrian matter.