Is Rihanna Coming to Lebanon for a Concert?


Friends of mine who attended Eddie Griffin’s comedy show over the weekend were tweeting about something the comedian said:

Rihanna might be coming to Lebanon for a concert this summer.

Such prospects would make this the event of the summer. Sorry The Script. Has Lebanon ever had someone as currently popular as Rihanna come for a concert in recent times?

However, for the same reasons it’s improbable for bands such as Coldplay or Muse to hold concerts in Lebanon, does it even make sense for her to come here?

Would an artist who’s used to international sell-out tours that fill stadiums and bring millions of dollars in revenue come to a country where venues such as “Stade de France” do not exist and where, despite potentially inflated ticket prices, profit wouldn’t be substantial and long-term fan base building basically irrelevant?

Either way, if there’s any truth to this, prepare for an onslaught of Rihanna songs on the radio – worse than what we currently have – and people gushing over how important Lebanon has become. I, for one, don’t think there’s much to it though.


8 thoughts on “Is Rihanna Coming to Lebanon for a Concert?

  1. So what are you guys planning to do to make her visit more enjoyable than her 2010 visit to Israel and Jerusalem? Or will there be protests?

    You already have hostile competition:
    “The show’s producers and Rihanna’s management are in advanced talks for a performance at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv in late October, according to the report. Rihanna performed at Tel Aviv’s Bloomfield Stadium in 2010.”



    • I think there will be boycott calls. But she’s so popular that those calls will be majorly drowned out. Much less relevant acts had the boycott calls overwhelmed with the marketing blitz that surrounds them.

      And yeah, I have no clue how this rumor came to be honestly. Do they have major arenas in Israel that can fit such concerts and make them successful?


      • Yeah, they do. The place where she performed in 2010 can hold over 14,000 people. The Jerusalem stadium is even bigger, but a bit notorious. If she wants to be all multicultural she could play in the Doha Stadium, a joint Qatari-Israeli structure :).


  2. Don’t forget that Shakira performed infront of 20,000+ a few years ago at the Beirut Waterfront, and the stage was built just for her. So same thing could be done for Rihanna…



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