Anthony Touma Loses On France’s The Voice

After a successful run on the second season of France’s The Voice, the Lebanese candidate Anthony Touma lost in the show’s semi-final to Olympe.

Despite winning the public vote with a huge margin: 59.7% to 40.3%, Anthony Touma only got 15 points out of the 50 allocated to his coach, which seems fitting enough since 35 points was all it took for Olympe to beat out the Lebanese candidate by 0.6 points.

I find the way Anthony Touma lost to be quite fishy. It’s strange how all the other judges awarded their 50 points in a more balanced manner (26-24) except Jenifer who decided to go as lopsided as she did.  And it’s strange that, after having lost the public vote twice consecutively to Olympe, Anthony Touma would come back to win with such a wide margin.

It all feels very calculated and fishy. Perhaps they didn’t want a non-French to win the second season of France’s The Voice?

Either way, my Facebook friends are already on a witch hunt against Jenifer:

Jenifer The Voice The Bitch

I don’t think Anthony Touma is a talent that knows no match. I think he’s slightly overrated but I’m still immensely proud of what he’s accomplished. Good luck to him in his future endeavors though it seems he doesn’t need them. Pascal Nègre, CEO of Universal France, already wants him to sign a record deal.

This is Anthony Touma’s performance at the semi-finals with “Les Mots Bleus” with the results in question (link).

3 thoughts on “Anthony Touma Loses On France’s The Voice

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  2. Beautiful image of your country Jenifer bitch treated because she chose a better talent. If the public votes on just wanted to ask then is not the choice of coach. Very very disappointed in all of the Lebanese reaction was EXTREMELY violent event on twitter.



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