The Lebanese Army We’re Required to Love and Support Unconditionally

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. How about a video?

And the man was unarmed.

This is the other side of the Fadel Shaker video in which he, disgusting as he is, was proud of killing two army men.

This is to those who believe the Lebanese army should be beyond reproach, beyond questioning, beyond any form of accountability.

This is to those who believe Lebanon should become a military state because military rule is what we need.

There’s nothing that can justify the behavior in the above video. Absolutely nothing. There is a minimum of human rights that are guaranteed to every human being, whether that person was actually fighting with Al Assir or not and by the looks of it, the person in this video was not.

What’s next? Army men coming after us because they don’t agree with our brand of politics? Because we are not the people who immediately change their profile pictures and “like” the countless army support pages to express gratitude?

Will the officer and his subordinates in the above video be held accountable? Obviously not because even basic human rights are a matter of relativity in this country. There are many who believe the man they were busy stomping on shouldn’t get any.

The above behavior is expected from the likes of terrorists without morals and code such as Fadel Shaker and Ahmad el Assir. But is it acceptable to be emanating from a respectable institution tasked with protecting all of Lebanon’s population in similar ways?

Human Rights Watch published a 60 pages report on the behavior of Lebanon’s armed forces. Add this to the growing list of disgusting behavior that’s documented.

We will never know what really happened Sunday with that filth of an existence called Ahmad el Assir. The tough questions that have to be answered cannot be asked. Not that it matters anyway – all will be forgotten in a day or two.

One thing to say though is this: tfeh.

Update: the army men in the above video have been arrested.


18 thoughts on “The Lebanese Army We’re Required to Love and Support Unconditionally

  1. It is easy to fall a victim of undisciplined behavior when the captive represents a faction that killed officers and wounded hundreds of our army. I wouldn’t justify their behavior, but I would think thoroughly to prevent generalizing all officers. I will read the full report, though, as I know this isn’t something new.


    • I’m not generalizing. I’m saying this behavior has become repetitive, the last of which was last week when the army also beat up peaceful protesters in Downtown Beirut who were protesting against the parliament mandate extension.

      And we’re not allowed to question or raise the issue because you get people like the one who commented after you accusing you, subtly or not, of loving the other people who killed the army.

      This either with us or against us mentality is a problem and it’s a bigger problem when it’s about putting an entity such as the Lebanese Army on a pedestal because it makes some people sleep more soundly at night.


  2. I hoped you did the same reaction when Assir slaughtered our men. Now that you see a terrorist being beaten up ,you all of a sudden become sensitive and a human rights activist? Tfeh bi wijjak…


    • Assir and his men are not an entity that I am asked to respect and uphold beyond any form of accountability.
      Assir and his men are an entity that should have been removed a long time ago – same with the other similar entities in this country that you don’t think of as extremists and terrorists.

      The army has a duty to remain respectable facing everyone fully knowing that the man in question wasn’t armed and he probably wasn’t fighting either or the line of their questioning would have been much different, effectively not making him a terrorist.

      You want to live in a country where your army can do this to anyone and not face repercussions, there are many places that will welcome you with open arms.


  3. It’s the army not a militia! I expect such stuff from a militia or a gang but the army is supposed to be organized and trained to handle such cases.


  4. I’m a patriot wel jeich 3a rassna but the ones who attacked this scumbag should be trialed in a military court. We can always dream though. What nobody seems to get unfortunately is that a wrong doesn’t undo another wrong. It just keeps on fueling hate…
    To Elie, maybe “tfeh” is a harsh word…?


  5. The emotional reaction of the army after losing 20 soldiers is understandable. But this doesn’t fit under reaction, this is just pure entertainment. Whether the man was just a supporter of Aseer or Aseer himself, he has rights, and those rights shouldn’t be taken away because some soldiers got bored.

    This is coming from someone who has supported the army throughout this operation: these soldiers should be held accountable. The army isn’t free to do whatever it wants, and it sure as hell isn’t pure of any elements that tarnish its reputation. If you want to fill the role of being the most honorable faction in the country, you need to enforce discipline on your soldiers, not laugh when a soldier says “maddet ijri, ma maddet 2eede”


  6. I knew the people in Pink would eventually show up, as exactly after 200 Days of gruesome fights in Nahr el Berid, the same “Human Rights” bozos showed up and complained about harsh treatment of prisoners.
    Now to be straight forward and so that my words wont be interpreted as someone who agrees on such actions, well I don’t & I believe that the command should immediately do these 3 main things:
    #1 – The man who shot and leaked the Video should be immediately brought to court
    #2 – The Soldier interrogating the prisoner should be as well brought to court for failing to protect his witness
    #3 – All soldiers/civilians who took part in this extravaganza should be brought to court “tough luck lads, you go caught on tape!”
    Now snap back to reality & let me be honest about a few stuff the seriously pisses me off in this stupid community & yes I said it, a stupid full of crap community.
    We had 3 dead & 4 wounded soldiers who were simply shot at with cold blood! For no reason other than interpreting a fully loaded weapons van, where were these stupid shmucks when that happened, where were they when 22 soldier were slaughtered with cold blood while their asleep? Where were they when 3 soldiers where killed and their bodies paraded in Ersel? Where were they when a car simply opened fire on 5 soldiers on a check point in Ersel as well?
    No! 3eyb, the army, khalli yekol khara! But once we see someone being beaten, suddenly all pink and it’s a happy world comes to us & we start boiling from inside wanting to defend human rights, sorry for my French TOZ bi hek human rights!
    Yes some of our soldiers has behavior issues, but to be honest, we are a population that deserves such behavior issues, bass fashar 3a ra2bet akbar wa7ad, no matter who he is to label the army as inhuman or unprofessional because if this was true, the army wouldn’t have arranged hotline & 6 armored vehicles to transports civilians trapped inside the battle zone, he would have sent the birds and bombed the shit out of the area in a few seconds w kenet kholset l khabriye kella!
    So let’s not jump out of our seats and start defending and burping and honking and I don’t know what other stuff you might wanna do, bass in a battle zone, what happens under the camera is much more than this because in a battle zone, all rules are allowed especially if you are fighting terrorists.
    One word to those who pride themselves of being Americans, Canadians or whatever shit passport you might have rather than saying their Lebanese, you armies have done in a million times worse stuff than this video, this is considered a ferry ride compared to what actually happens out there!
    For once, just once & for the sake of more than 200 martyrs than fell since Nahr El Berid, I want some human rights bozos to stand & say (Wow, thank you for all your sacrifices & thank you for making sure that these terrorists were terminated so that we can at least have a small load of freedom to live for), because if it wasn’t for that, all of them human rights, pink loving pricks wouldn’t have been enjoying their OULALA lives for now!
    الأمر لك!


  7. it may be a momentary reaction after killing 18 Lebanese soldiers and more than 80 wounded..
    iam very supporting to human rights but seeing the timing fact and also he is a Syrian and beside what they are doing in their country ( head cutting and slaughtering ..) ,now he is killing our soldiers after working and living in Lebanon ( they pay less taxes than us Lebanese sometimes ) and this is what they are giving back .. anyway still the video is awful but understandable to me.


  8. it is a dangerous thing to confuse raising your voice for human rights as dissent or disobedience… As has been pointed out, the army is our first defense against terrorists. As such it should act beyond reproach. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Easier said than done of course. The actions seen in this video are not the result of one freak out or isolated incident but rather a combination of social and political factors fermenting over the years. Being military is no easy feat. You are taught to use violence as your only weapon, yet you must contain this violence and not act on anger or hate. Yet at home, by the media and in the army you are fed countless hate dripped stories and are conditioned to hate and feel nothing but contempt to those who do not conform to your ideals. The terrorists are not considered to be powerless and suffering humans created by our own society reacting in their own way to less than humane situations inflicted upon them. They are not considered humans who have a right to fair trial and whose judgement belongs to those who have training in the law, the judiciary. The judiciary who, if not in actuality at least in training, know not to fall prey to emotion. The army and society are trained to think they are vermin, despicable people who have spontaneously generated out of thin air “HATE!” “BAD!” “KILL!”. Yet at the same time the army is made impotent. Taught to hate and lash out yet given orders not to shoot, or to defend the innocent and their own comrades if and only if they receive the order from some political hotshot who cares little about death and much about political gain. Talk about frustration waiting to blow? Where to direct this frustration if not at the “evil and well deserving terrorist”? Heaven forbid we may actually use some critical thinking and address all these many flaws in the system that so dangerously collide. Of course we can’t because critical thinking, aspiration for a better system, reminding those in power that you are accountable to the people you serve is the pinnacle of tyranny, dissent, unpatriotic stupidity. Nothing exists in a vacuum. The very conditions that created the terrorists, the disenfranchisement of the oppressed, the turning of deaf ears to pleas of humanity, the increasing gap between rich and poor, and the expectation of unquestioning loyalty at the cost of immense suffering and little if any reward is at work here again. The dynamics are the same, yet perhaps even more dangerous, for as Elias says, we are expected to applaud and love all their actions even the utterly flawed ones allow them to masquerade as the defenders of the weak and honour. Your silence implies consent. Nothing exists in a vacuum, question how it came to exist.


  9. I would have preferred if the Army took no prisoners and killed them all, because they will be subject of the political circus and they will be released soon. Meanwhile, we have lost 20 of our best soldiers.


  10. This is the other side of the Fadel Shaker video in which he, disgusting as he is, was proud of killing two army men.

    you don’t even watch the news man… they said the video was before what happened in Saida,
    He was talking about 2 Hezzbullah members.
    and tfeh is not the right word, you generalize too much.



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