The Lebanese Army We’re Required to Love and Support Unconditionally

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. How about a video?

And the man was unarmed.

This is the other side of the Fadel Shaker video in which he, disgusting as he is, was proud of killing two army men.

This is to those who believe the Lebanese army should be beyond reproach, beyond questioning, beyond any form of accountability.

This is to those who believe Lebanon should become a military state because military rule is what we need.

There’s nothing that can justify the behavior in the above video. Absolutely nothing. There is a minimum of human rights that are guaranteed to every human being, whether that person was actually fighting with Al Assir or not and by the looks of it, the person in this video was not.

What’s next? Army men coming after us because they don’t agree with our brand of politics? Because we are not the people who immediately change their profile pictures and “like” the countless army support pages to express gratitude?

Will the officer and his subordinates in the above video be held accountable? Obviously not because even basic human rights are a matter of relativity in this country. There are many who believe the man they were busy stomping on shouldn’t get any.

The above behavior is expected from the likes of terrorists without morals and code such as Fadel Shaker and Ahmad el Assir. But is it acceptable to be emanating from a respectable institution tasked with protecting all of Lebanon’s population in similar ways?

Human Rights Watch published a 60 pages report on the behavior of Lebanon’s armed forces. Add this to the growing list of disgusting behavior that’s documented.

We will never know what really happened Sunday with that filth of an existence called Ahmad el Assir. The tough questions that have to be answered cannot be asked. Not that it matters anyway – all will be forgotten in a day or two.

One thing to say though is this: tfeh.

Update: the army men in the above video have been arrested.