Inhumane Lebanese Animal Haters: Hassan Hammoud Microwaves a Cat

Hassan Hammoud, I hope you’re proud of yourself. I also hope your friends are proud of you, of your brains, of your infinitely great intellect. They sure are impressed by your humor, by the looks of it.

A video was uploaded by Mohammad Jallad of Hammoud microwaving a cat just for kicks on Facebook. He doesn’t regret this. He doesn’t believe he did anything wrong. On the contrary, he believes that what he did is okay. He says he doesn’t give a shit about what people say. He was just bored. He wanted to see what would happen to the cat inside a microwave. There’s evil inside every human being, he says.

Tell me, how did you come to the premise that putting a cat in a microwave is a “cute” idea? How did your brain get to the conclusion that this is something you should film? How did you decide that your abomination of a behavior is worth sharing with your friends and with people in general on Facebook?

News flash, Hassan Hammoud: being cruel to animals is part of a psychiatric disorder. Not all people have it. No, you do not get away from this by playing a victim card. You do not get to microwave a cat just for jokes, try to get your friends to be happy about what you did and then pretend that all is okay. 

I’m sick of Lebanese people considering animals lesser creatures that they get to toy with like this. As someone who has a pet, I find this video distressing because I keep thinking of my cat and it would break my heart for anything to happen to her.

No, I’m not disconnected with reality. I’ve grown up in small town Lebanon. I’ve seen people my age crucify birds and shoot cats and hammer dogs. I’ve seen people run over cats just for the fun of it. I couldn’t say anything about it back then. But I can now.

This behavior is unacceptable. This behavior is not cute. It’s not fun. It’s not funny. It’s not remotely healthy. What the behavior championed by Hassan Hammoud and the many people like him is, quite simply, a disgrace. And those “creatures” join the ever-growing list of human being abominations whose existence is a waste of oxygen.

Update: Two American teenage girls have done the same thing a while back. They were charged with cruelty (link).

Update 2.0: Mohammad Jallad, the guy who uploaded the video, has removed it and apologized. No word yet on Hassan Hammoud, the guy who actually microwaved the cat. 


13 thoughts on “Inhumane Lebanese Animal Haters: Hassan Hammoud Microwaves a Cat

  1. actually, it was Mohammad Hammoud that microwaved it. jallad is the one who took the video and kept saying haram, and later posted it on his page.


    • i thought of reporting. but when u report most what happens if facebook deletes it. so instead of reporting, i shared, also posted it on Animals lebanon page. i want as many people as possible to see this, maybe he get to get SOME kind of punishment


  2. This is a disgrace! I was never a pet owner, but last year my father decided to buy a dog! I couldn’t do anything to stop him. I wanted him to adopt. Oh well, as the story goes, he fell sick, and I was left taking care of a beautiful Golden Retriever I named Ricky, he is my companion, my best friend and when I read stories like this, I puke.

    I don’t even want to see the video, All I know is people like him no matter the age should be punished. Maybe he would like to take a spin in the microwave?


  3. Thank you for highlighting this Elie in your blog post today.
    Animal cruelty is totally disgusting and all those sick people who “engage” in this sort of horrendous behaviour should definately receive the same treatment themselves.
    Besides many people who begin torturing animals at a young age, actually later develop into people who also torture humans…
    It deeply upsets me the way some people in this world treat innocent animals.
    Last but not least, I just want to take the opportunity to say that I really enjoy reading your blog posts and that I suscribe to them everyday. Although I live far away from your country – I’m writing this from the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca – I do have many Lebanese friends and I also visted your country once back in 2011. It is really interesting to read your opinion about all sorts of topics and to be able to get an insight to Lebanese life and current affairs.
    Keep up the good work!
    All the best 🙂
    /Sandra (a Swedish/Spanish reader)


  4. I wanted to write it on his wall, but turns out I can’t: He’s a fucking idiot and I will microwave him myself, if I ever come across him.


    • Don’t even go there, there’s a huge difference between eating a dead animal and microwaving one just for the heck of it. Also, nobody said torturing animals is fine.



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