Zaatar W Zeit’s Act of Kindness

I was walking around Beirut the other day, in neighborhoods I hadn’t been to in a long time, only to find streets that have drastically changed. The most poignant moment of my walk was when I saw an old woman, sitting by the corner of the road crying. She had her mattress next to her. She had nowhere to go. The walk up to that woman was full of people like her. Things are getting tougher and there’s nothing to make them easier.

As a rule of thumb, it can be said that Lebanese restaurants are very disassociated with the general security of the country. As things get tougher, their prices get higher. I’ve rarely, if ever, heard of stories like the one below. But it is one of those rare instances that take you a few minutes to believe. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 1.46.06 PM

Of course, Zaatar w Zeit didn’t advertise this. It was simply an act of kindness on behalf of their branch in question. We all barraged Zaatar w Zeit for not serving alcohol at one of their branches this past year. It only felt fitting to highlight an act of kindness on their behalf towards those who are less fortunate in the midst of this non-festive holiday season.

Great job Zaatar w Zeit. Hopefully other restaurants follow suit in trying to make things easier for those who are overwhelmed by the harsh conditions of life in Lebanon.



6 thoughts on “Zaatar W Zeit’s Act of Kindness

  1. Hey, i’m not publicizing for any kind of restaurant, but my friend just posted about Crepaway, he was studying there and they gave him an extra dish of crackers and chicken fingers ! seems restaurants all around are doing these small gestures for WOM , and i’m not complaining !


  2. If that was really true then this is the least Zaatar w Zeit can do since they’re wayyy overpriced with manakeesh prices, 300% more expensive than other manakeesh places in Lebanon and Dubai.
    I don’t care if the waiter helps help one poor man because this was a decision from a KIND waiter not their policy, I care when their prices can reach the low-income people.


  3. Not to punch holes in anyone’s happiness, but has it occured to anyone that these random acts of kindness are the results of human beings and not the restaurants?
    I am highly supportive of this, and again I’m not here to diss Zaatar w Zeit. But I think we should mostly be grateful for the waiter that took that initiative. In both restaurants.
    I have yet to see a restaurant in Lebanon that regularly serve the needy as part of their business operations.
    And to the employee that served with all his heart, you deserve all my respect.



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