How You Saved Simon’s Life


A couple of days ago, Simon was a 23 year old boy struggling with his family to cling to his life as leukemia rattled through his body.

A couple of days ago, few people knew who Simon was apart from his family and friends in Batroun. His struggle was his and theirs, but it was his and theirs alone.

A couple of days ago, Simon had no fighting chance against the cancer that threatened to rob him of the future that should be bright for him and the people who hold him dear.

A couple of days ago, Simon’s story of a Red Cross volunteer clinging to dear life was a tragedy.

Because of you, the entire story of Simon’s life has changed.

Today, because of you, Simon has a fighting chance against the disease that threatened to take him away.

Today, because of you, Simon is no longer just known among his family and friends who had prayed and hoped things get better for him one day.

Today, because of you, Simon’s story is no longer a tragedy. It’s a story of triumph, a story moving towards a hopeful happy ending. And it’s all because of you.

So today, you all get to be proud of yourself because you saved a young man’s life with your generosity, with your kindness, with you helping spread the word.

Today, you have given Simon the shot he needed at staying around, volunteering further with the Red Cross and saving other people’s lives.

There are many things that people can be proud of in their lives. Make sure that some day, when you’re telling your children and grand children stories of back in the days, to tell them the story of how you saved a young man’s life.

It’s a beautiful story to tell, believe me.

10 thoughts on “How You Saved Simon’s Life

  1. All the good things you have done before has been returned to you Simon today , God be your companion and bless you always nothing is hidden on God its all mentioned to be returned one day :)) Proud of you , Proud of each and everyone who assisted ,shared , generously donated from themselves to help you in your fight from which we will keep waiting your knockdown and applause to you gladly 🙂 im sure that Allah wont let us down .. God Bless you Simon


  2. Wow!!!!!! Its a relief to know that simon will live for many years to come. But mostly its a relief to know that there a people who still care and are willing to help and give generously to someone they don’t even know. I thought it would take months to raise the money and in a few days it was done. Well done!!!! Not only have you given Simon a chance to live but you have given all of us hope and faith in humanity :). Simon’s beautiful smile has most certainly something to do with the successful fund raising:). So keep smiling! Wish you all the best!!!


  3. It is so heart warming to know that Simon will get a chance to fight leukemia…
    To his beautiful giving spirit I say what goes around comes around… may God bestow upon you his blessings of good health so that your bright smile and helping hands continue to soothe more people after you get well and continue your volunteer journey with the Red Cross…

    الحمدلله الدنيا بعدها بالف خير و الناس قلبها ع بعضها
    All the respect to Antoine Badaoui, your direct family and your extended family who cared and shared the same beat… humanity prevails 🙂


  4. We wouldn’t have done it without you starting this in the first place so thank you for giving us a chance to be part of it ! Allah yechfi w yechfi kel Marid !


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