Lebanese Policeman Physically Assaults a Woman For Stopping at a Red Light & Ends Up Innocent Anyway

The series of horrifying violations to our right as people from those who are in power in this wonderful country continues.

We’ve all been driving or in cars and suddenly find ourselves boxed in by a convoy for some politician who decides that his right of passage, as are the rest of his rights, more important than yours; who decides that your car and safety are irrelevant and who has no problem in killing you to make sure he gets his way, literally.

The mode of management for these convoys is to avoid them. You see those dark, tinted SUVs approaching and you run the opposite way. They are barbaric, lawless people who hold the rule of law in their hands: there’s nothing you can do just deal with it.

In fact, even the new driving law will NOT be applied to these convoys. Why? Because the government won’t apply a law on itself, but will screw you over again and again for your money so they can play house, not legislate, not vote for a president, not run the country and still take away your rights whenever they can.

Lawyer Rania Ghaith was stuck at a red light on Monday in front of one of those convoys at the Qantari intersection that leads up to Hamra. The convoy in question behind her was for our minister of internal affairs Mr. Nouhad el Machnouk.


The policeman at the intersection was telling Rania to run the red light and break the law so the convoy can pass. She stood her own and waited. When the light turned green, she let the convoy pass and would have been on her way hadn’t that policeman, who was NOT a traffic policeman and as such had no place to regulate traffic, pulled her over.

What happened next was not him simply writing her a ticket.

It was him pulling Rania out of her car, by her hair, and assaulting her physically in the middle of the street.

Unfortunately no one filmed the incidence but there were plenty of eyewitnesses. The physician’s report of Rania’s condition immediately following the incident also confirmed that she was the victim of a physical assault.

The ironic part is that the convoy was just a decoy.

This isn’t the full story, sadly.

Rania filed a lawsuit against the officer in question immediately, and the preliminary trial was today. In that trial, the overseeing judge in Military Court Hani Al-Hajjar did not, according to MTV:

  1. Ask for the physician’s report on Rania’s condition,
  2. Did not call for eyewitness testimony,
  3. Did not let Rania Ghaith testify.

As such, the judge decided that the man was innocent and could be released. He did not pay any bail, and the Lebanese Syndicate of Lawyers has not taken any steps in trying to defend the rights of one of their own.


Of course, this shouldn’t come as a shock in a country of no law, misogyny, and in the presence of people who think they are always above the law and who have no problem in making sure you know it at every single second of every day.

Not only was that policeman breaking the law by operating at that intersection, he also violated the law by assaulting a Lebanese citizen whose only fault was standing at a red light, respecting her country’s law at a time when he didn’t want that.

That policeman, whose name we unfortunately don’t know, violated Rania as a Lebanese, as a woman, as a citizen who respects the law, as a simple human being who should NOT be assaulted because the policeman had a testosterone rush because a woman defied him. And what’s worse, Lebanon’s military court – the same one that found Michel Samaha not *that* guilty – has now declared him innocent.

How long should Lebanese citizens, women and men, be the victims of the whims of policemen who know they have no reason to break our rights, our bones, our spine because they will get away with it anyway? How much proof do we need to get rid our streets of such elements that only serve to endanger us? What would have happened had that policeman been a bit angrier? Would he have shot Rania because she didn’t break a red light?

Does anyone even hear how silly it is to have a headline that goes: Policeman assaults woman because she stopped at a red light?

Let me take this a step further: how horrifying is it that this policeman not only assaulted that woman for not breaking the law, but has been declared innocent and is back on the streets, ready to attack other women, and other people on a whim?

Mr. Nouhad el Machnouk: You should not accept such a thing to pass by unnoticed. Your convoys, and those of every single politician in this country, are not more important than our well-being, than rights, our existence. You should not accept for Rania Ghaith to become yet another victim of abuse by those who are above the law, and who have the political backing to spit in her face during her trial: “If I were in my friend’s place, I would’ve torn you to pieces.”

This is not a country, this is a jungle.

Rania Ghaith, I hope you get your justice sooner rather than later.

14 thoughts on “Lebanese Policeman Physically Assaults a Woman For Stopping at a Red Light & Ends Up Innocent Anyway

  1. If i would have witnessed this going down,I would defend her on the spot and beat the living daylights out of him.This is beyond frustrating, BEYOND.I am boiling right now , and everytime i hear such stories of people with “Wasta” who think they are above the law and get away with it.We need a vigilante movement just like in movies if this is how low we have stooped to treat our own citizens.And funnily enough people ask why many Lebanese lose faith and leave their country and travel abroad looking for a better life?At least people are respected and the law is not a card that can be pulled out whenever a person wants.


  2. It’s just revolting, but what to expect in a banana republic. Every single Lebanese politician should be behind bars. Too bad that lawmakers are also corrupted or cowards.
    The problem isn’t only policemen, but people who stand behind them. This country is doomed!
    I left the country long time ago and wonder how Lebanese can stand such abuse and negation of human rights. You made us ashamed of being Lebanese.


  3. I feel this is really getting to me because this is EXACTLY what I would have done, and I would have thought you can’t do anything to me because I am within the law. I would actually think, come on do your worst so I can get you with the law. But the painful truth is that I would only have been humiliated “within” the powerless law.

    Have the media tried to get hold of the judge or whoever is responsible for this barbarian and ask them how they justify this. Even harass that barbarian himself on camera, day in, day out, asking him to justify this.This is where the media’s job is to shame these people publicly and not move on to the next scandal by Haifa or whoever and just forget about the issues that count. I feel the Lebanese media does not do nearly enough for the politicians to feel they are being held accountable and therefore they never feel ashamed of being part of these shameful acts!!!


  4. It’s really frustrating how ineffective our polititians are. When the Sme7a guy was sentenced to 4 years, they went crazy. Now, it’s like they couldn’t care less about us, the ‘commoners.’


  5. Pleading to Nouhad el Machnouk is really barking at the wrong tree. This is the same guy who, last year I think, decided on a whim, that he will close the businesses related to gas in the Southern Suburb of Beirut, and when the poor owner tried to plea, in front of all news cameras, for his livelihood and that of his employees, NM replied: “Shut up and stop arguing! this has been decided!” (if memory serves well.)
    Not your role model of justice and human respect, I think.
    May I add, that I am NOT pro 8 March, if anybody will think that this is why I am criticizing Mr Machnouk. Both sides are more disappointing than the other, anyway.
    Revolting culture, revolting country!


  6. although i agree that beating her was barbaric and the officer should be thrown in prison for what he did, the lady was wrong to disobey a police officer. In all civilized countries, police officers have the right to override traffic laws for security reasons. When the officer told her to burn the red light he had the right to do it and she had the obligation to follow his orders. Especially in lebanon where politicians are being killed left and right by car bombs, it is neither safe for them nor the public around them to be stopped in traffic at a red light.


    • He should still be punished for physically assaulting her… If we’re generalizing to all ‘civilized’ countries–I prefer using the term democratic– the officer should have just given her a ticket for not listening to him instead of violating her human rights by dragging her out of the car and assaulting her.


  7. Just for the info administrative law says that in the presence of a police men eventhough their are traffic lights u should obey what he is saying even if its a red light and he asks u to pass while its red im.not saying that he has the wright to beat her up but she also must have done what he asked from her to do


  8. Talking about assault, I’d like to add my story here:

    Once I was driving back home in the night and there was a convoy just in front of me, so I just followed normally without thinking about passing next to them or even approaching (as I care for my life like anyone else).
    Well apparently one of their cars was behind me and I noticed it when he dangerously drove next to my car, pushing it towards the valley as it was a mountain road. I had the right reflex to slow down drastically and control my car so as not to fall down in the steep. That was close!!

    So even when you pay attention in avoiding them as much as you can, something can happen unfortunately.
    This is what convoys are like in this country that doesn’t even look a tiny bit like a real jungle where Mother Nature just follows her own legitimate course as anyone should expect.

    All my support to Rania and fellow citizens who endured the same shit.


  9. No Law No judgement No Police officers No President No Goverment …… The rule of the jungle might be better, were the strongest can rule and the any person can get his right by himself.

    Why have judges that need to be judged ( money money money in their pockets with a child or 2 that have a judge’s badge on their car and can pass throught any traffic light) nevertheless they take like 6 months vacation each year , who the F are they….

    Or the police man that needs a police man to teach him / her the rules or keep him on the right track LOL

    How about the traffic lights that sometimes work if their is electricity (that’s 80% of the time with no electricity) I wonder who got that deal of traffic lights.

    Shall I start about the mobile service, were I have to pay extra 2$ and sometimes 3$ on what’s on the recharge card… Why?????

    Hehehe , I am just laughing on a government were we have 128 representing the areas in Lebanon (by the way they barely stay in the place they represent) take a salary that exceeds 10000$ and sometimes others benefit or the minister takes 150000$ etc, FOR LIFE.

    Why are foreigners exempted from taxes whilst Lebanese have to pay, (I visited jbeil recently I paid my foreign friend paid the same, at his country he doesn’t pay but I have to pay) we are wrong wrong wrong

    After all why should people come to Lebanon (Lebanese or tourist) because of the law, police, electricity, telephone, free WiFi, the minister convoy kicking your car, or pay taxes for things I don’t get, or the person who represents me that has 2 other nationalities (not knowing his loyalty goes were).

    A country is rated on the way it treats it’s citizens, what services it gives those citizens, and how honestly it forces the law on all types of citizens, and all its land.

    For God’s sake the army works for the people not the politicians, so why not take 3ersel, why not take care of the border and control the Syrians, Palestinian, and other foreigners, why wait for the negotiating with terrorists.

    I live in a country with rules, if I respect them no one can do nothing to me , if I don’t I get deported. I don’t have to worry about electricity, mobile services, law enforcement, or terrorist coming to kill me.



  10. Garbage country with a garbage minister. Had he not previously given orders to his dogs to beat people, the latter wouldn’t even dare to do anything. Harassing this brave woman because she stopped at a red light, which, by the way, is NEVER respected by policemen, only shows how low we’ve become as a people. Did anyone else notice that the police officers NEVER do anything useful in this country? That many of them are drivers and grocery boys for the rich? What happened with this brave lady happens 50 times every day. We pay these bums’ salaries with real jobs and they disrespect us! Wishing these scumbags all the possible misfortunes …



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