Sectarianism & Islamophobia: Jounieh Wants To Become The “Christian Capital” of Lebanon

On the slope of how low some electoral programs can sink to try and attract votes, the FPM-backed “Karamet Jounieh” takes the cake.

You’ve probably seen their billboards all over the highway. From their super lame: Weina Jounieh? To them revealing it was “MasJounieh” before launching into a full blown attack about how they would bring back Jounieh’s dignity.

Now, 2 days before Jounieh votes, they went full force into the attack by proclaiming they would make Jounieh the “capital of Middle Eastern Christians.”

Out of a 9 point platform tackling various aspects of the city’s life, making it the capital of Christians in Lebanon was their #1 priority with it being the top point on their list.

How would they accomplish so? By building a multitude of Churches and religious centers for Near-East Christians to feel closer to each other so that if “Copts in Egypt are affected, we feel it in Lebanon as well.”

Because, you know, the hundreds of thousands of Muslims dying across the Middle East don’t deserve us “feeling it as well” because they don’t pray that way, or that we, as Lebanese, are supposed to “feel” with the Christian in South Sudan before we feel with our fellow Lebanese in Bab el Tebbaneh, simply because that Lebanese is not Christian.

Let us make Jounieh the capital of Christians. While we’re at it, why don’t we make Beirut or Tripoli the capital of Sunnis? Why don’t we make Tyr the capital of Shiites as well? I mean, why not? If Christians are supposed to have their own city, then why shouldn’t other sects too? Why doesn’t Keserwen then just secede into the Democratic Republic of Maronistan with Harissa in the center of its flag and be done with it?

This kind of xenophobic and horrific rhetoric has no place in elections aiming for LOCAL development in 2016. “Karamet Jounieh” claims that them wanting their city to become the capital for Christians is to face the persecution affecting Christians in the Middle East and to further solidify the importance of Jounieh with its strong Christian history.

For a moment there, I thought Daesh was at the footsteps of Maameltein and that Jesus did not come out of Nazareth but of Haret Sakher and Maronites did not get persecuted in the mountains of North Lebanon, but in the streets of Sarba.

In the face of such disgusting slogans, I invite this blog’s followers who vote in Jounieh to refuse such hateful, xenophobic notions and to vote for the list opposing “Karamet Jounieh” on Sunday, which is the list calling itself “Jounieh El Tajaddod.”

At a time when Christians in Beirut refused to be treated with the hateful, segregating rhetoric that Karamet Jounieh is giving its people in Jounieh by voting for Beirut Madinati, the last thing we need in this country is for such divisive talk to be center stage in any elections. Less fear and hate, more tolerance.


5 thoughts on “Sectarianism & Islamophobia: Jounieh Wants To Become The “Christian Capital” of Lebanon

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  2. I hope they don’t allow themselves to be manipulated in this way. Any Lebanese outside Lebanon greets a fellow Lebanese as a relative. Religion doesn’t matter we are proud to be libnanneyeen


  3. Elie??! What the…

    So just because the 1st list is bad, you urge your readers to vote for the second one?
    Do you even have an idea who is backing up the second list?
    Do you know that one of the leaders of this list is one of Farid Haykal Khazen’s men? Thats the same scumbag who used his corruption to try to free Yves Nawfal’s killers..
    Do you know that one of the leaders of this list is Neamat Frem? The same guy you mentioned today that he is between the Panama names, and he has been using his money and power to buy votes.
    Do you know that one of the supporters of this list is mansour el bon, another keserwani scumbag known for his corruption?

    I am against FPM, and I was a huge supporter of Beirut Madinati and still am, and I always respect your opinions and I believe that you could be the voice of the youth.. But inviting your readers to vote for the other list just because of bad slogans is a huge mistake in my opinion. Why not vote a blank card? Both lists are backed up by corrupt people…


  4. I am the son of Jounieh and I am a proud Maronite Christian, like it or not.
    When Arafat proclaimed that Jerusalem passes through Jounieh, we suffered martyrs so Jounieh can stay as our grandfathers kept it, the bride of the sea and the shrine of Christianity.
    We welcome all religions to come see the beauty of our people and the resolve of our Maronite faith with its churches sprinkled on top of our hills and mountains.
    You can assimilate and accept it or get the hell out if you don’t like it. It’s free country!
    History has proven through the years that the resolve and faith of our grandfathers is a sacred torch that we will carry from generation to generation. You show respect and you’re welcome anytime.
    Our faith is as strong as mount Harissa and with the grace of our lady of Lebanon, we will keep our land a sacred land for generations to come.



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