That “Lebanese” President of Brazil You’re Proud Of Is Very Corrupt, Like Lebanese Politicians


In the surge of Lebanese pride that one of their “own” is now the president of Brazil, while the country celebrates its second year without an actual Lebanese president in Lebanon, not one outlet has bothered to look into Mr. Michel Temer, beyond the fact that his parents immigrated from Btaaboura around 80 years ago.

His interviews with Lebanese media during his first and last visit to his “motherland” a couple of years ago have been circulating like wildfire. Him proclaiming to have a “Brazilian heart” but “Lebanese blood” were on a loop. He probably couldn’t care less.

What is certain, however, is that Michel Temer is corrupt, semi-fascist, just like those Lebanese politicians we all love to hate.

He Screwed Over His Own President:

The only way Temer became president was by screwing over Dilma Roussef, the now-suspended president of Brazil, in a textbook Frank Underwood-esque plot.

Through a series of orchestrated leaks, which he “claimed” not to have anything to do with, he effectively managed to throw his president under the bus so he could rise to power. For instance, he leaked a statement to the press about how he was upset he was not involved in key decisions by his president… and then said he was outraged by the leak.

Then he leaked a Whatsapp message to Brazilian parliament members claiming they needed a “new government.” He was later “outraged” by that leak as well.

Through it all, he was the main orchestrator behind the scene of the coup against the president, and in bed with big money and right-wing-run Brazilian media to further make him inevitable.

He Is Corrupt As Hell:

Temer’s ascent to power means that a political party that didn’t win Brazil’s elections is now effectively taking power. Once he is in power, he will reportedly appoint Goldman, Sachs, and IMF officials to run the economy. Those are the same people that American politician Bernie Sanders is accusing of corruption and electoral campaign fraud.

Michel Temer also has his own saga with corruption. He was ordered to pay a fine only this week for violating campaigning regulations and is being prosecuted for it. He may be banned from pursuing further office later for up to 8 years.

During his campaign for vice president, Michel Temer was also involved in other campaigning scandal when he received up to $1.5 million from a company to whom he provided preferential governmental treatment in construction contracts.

He has also been accused of involvement in an illegal ethanol-purchasing scheme which has brought him back millions of dollars.

Michel Temer is also said to be involved in the “Petrobras Scandal,” a partly-governmental owned oil company that some Brazilian officials profited from by laundering some of the profit through a Lebanese-origin intermediary called Alberto Youssef, and transferring it to secure accounts in Switzerland.

To put it bluntly, Temer is accused of more corruption than Dilma Roussef. Only 2% of the Brazilian electorate would vote for him and over 60% believe he should be impeached also. The only reason his political career is not ending is because 1) he is a man, 2) he serves the interests of corporations that want to see someone with his agenda in power.

He’s Already Targeted Women, The Blacks and LGBT People:

Michel Temer’s upcoming government is rumored to be composed only of men, a long way down from a country that just had a woman president.

It doesn’t end here. He has also been active in closing many LGBT and black rights offices, and will reportedly continue on his rampage now that he’s ascending further up the power echelons.

Let’s Not Be Proud Of Everyone Who Happens To Be Lebanese Anywhere and Everywhere?

If any Lebanese politician were accused of what Temer has done, you’d be up in arms about how disgraceful, horrifying they are, how they’re ruining your country.

Can we not pretend this is any different just because that politician has ascended to power in Brazil?

There are times and places to be proud of entities pertaining to our heritage. This is not one of them. The world finally has a Lebanese president…. That’s not really a good thing.


12 thoughts on “That “Lebanese” President of Brazil You’re Proud Of Is Very Corrupt, Like Lebanese Politicians

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  3. Well same in Venezuela. You have Tarek Saab and Tarek Assaimi, two pro-regime nazi-like brainwashed corrupted narco-lords and possible successors of the current dictator Maduro. And you have Ramos Allup (Ayoub) the president of the chamber from the opposition who has been doing an excellent job since he got his position this January.


  4. It’s not true this corrupt Brazilian politician (just one more corrupt Brazilian politician among all of them) is combating gays or blacks. I have no idea where the writer of this article found information to write this: “He has also been active in closing many LGBT and black rights offices, and will reportedly continue on his rampage now that he’s ascending further up the power echelons.” This is a lie, the only one in the article, I have to agree… As a gay man, I can assure no gay organization was closed. In fact, Dilma Roussef itself never has done anything for gay people because she was supported by conservative Christian organizations. What we gays achieved was granted by a liberal Supreme Court understanding of the Federal Constitution. So, he is corrupt but has no interest in combating gays or black people.


  5. Silvio just wait. Temer is close to the evangelical Christian groups and he must pay their afford to him. Bolsonaro is coming.


  6. Without taking a position, pro or con, Query: Who wrote this article condemning ALL Lebanese politicians, source of allegations other than media print, and what is your affiliations, if any, with the Roussef regime?


  7. Silvio are you sure about you are saying?? Temer have closed the ministry of the human rights, ministry of the women, racial equality, culture and others. Please don try to trick people. That is ugly.


  8. Further he’s a big fan of Israel and the Jewish community and just apointed a far right Israeli born as head of the central bank in addition to his most close collaborators are Israelis born and bred. The guy will not serve till 2018 since 1- wasn’t elected and only won’t have a chance to get elected.
    2- he’s a political dinosaur that served many positions and now is 75
    3- suspicions of corruption are still haunting him and his party is definelty involved
    4- he might look centrist left but he’s well known to be an opportunistic right. At 75 he’s married to a 32 yo bombshell and Brazilians are far smarter than lebanese to keep such an fox in office


  9. I am a Brazilian of European descent and I say that Mr. Temer, although not a saint, is not anything nearly as corrupt as the suspended president and her party. Mr. Temer is in a totally different league. A league of his own. Thank goodness for that. This article is badly informed and biased. That is all.



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