Nadine Njeim Takes Lebanese Women Back 100 Years: Men Should Have Premarital Sex, But Not Women

Nadine Njeim

Former Lebanese beauty queen and current actress Nadine Njeim recently gave an interview to a program on Future TV in which she was asked about sex for men and women in society.

The conversation went as follows (my translation follows the video):

Reporter: Suppose your son turned 18 and said he wants to sleep with a girl he loves. What would you say?

Nadine: Go for it, certainly. He’s a man!

R: You allow a man but not a woman to do so?

N: Yes! He’s a man. If a man doesn’t get experience, he will be a 40 year old who won’t satisfy his wife. Marriage shouldn’t happen early for a man in my books.

R: But Nadine, religion equates men and women in that they are both not supposed to engage in premarital sex.

N: Yes, I agree. But at the end of the day, this is a boy. Boys have no flaws. You can’t tell a boy not to do such things. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t mature. You feel he has a weak personality if he doesn’t sleep or date women. Sex or no sex, love or not, fun or not. This is a boy. He needs to have his adventures in order to grow.

R: You’re saying this as a girl with a strong personality.

N: Yes, I’m not with equality between men and women.

R: Why?

N: I want women to stay women. If they equate me with a man, I’d feel like a man. I don’t want to. I want to stay a woman.

If you thought we were moving away from such conversation, think again.

I wonder which vagina Nadine Njeim’s son is supposed to penetrate in order to grow and be a “man” in all the Arab, patriarchal sense of the word that she means if she does not want women to have sex too.

It’s such a shame to see a woman with her status and reach set back women in the country and the region eons in their struggle for equality, starting with the most important liberation of all: their bodies. When Nadine Njeim insists that women should not engage in sexual activity but men should for whichever reasons she cites, she is inherently demeaning her gender as entities that are not allowed to enjoy their bodies, seek out the same “growth” she wants for their penis-equipped counterparts in society and, well, become strong and independent and whatever comes with sexual liberation in a society that thrives on sexual oppression of women and men alike.

At a time when we’re fighting tooth and nail to give Lebanese women a much-needed advantage in our societies, be it in laws, political representation or simply advancing them in places where they’ve been subdued for years, it’s a shame to see one of those women take such a public stance against her own gender, and to have that woman have a megaphone as big as Nadine Njeim’s.

By proclaiming that men and women should not be allowed to have the same experiences, Nadine Njeim is inherently approving of the fact that men should have an upper hand when it comes to other aspects as well. It’s not a far stretch to assume the gender that is allowed, according to her, to sleep around before marriage would also be allowed to hold a prerogative after marriage, such as forcing his wife to have sex even when she doesn’t want to or beating her into submission because she dared oppose him.

It starts with sex. Other matters of male and female equality will fall into play as well: job opportunities, careers, salaries, economic independence. Perhaps Ms. Njeim needs to be told that women wanting better, achieving more and seeking out their own pleasures, whichever those may be, does not mean they are becoming men, but rather fulfilling everything that them being women entails?

For a woman who has made millions playing strong independent women in horrid soap operas, she sure does not do that in real life. Someone give her an Oscar for going so hard against her grain.

I pity the daughter who’s gonna have her as a mother. She may inherit her mother’s good looks, but that mentality will not get her to the places she deserves to get to.

Lebanese women, don’t listen to Ms. Njeim. You deserve more than what she wants you to get.

Edit: Nadine N. Njeim explained herself in the following way:

via Lebanese Memes on Instagram.

It’s horrific she thinks this is an enough excuse for her objectifying of women, turning them into nothing more than pleasure toys for her son.


31 thoughts on “Nadine Njeim Takes Lebanese Women Back 100 Years: Men Should Have Premarital Sex, But Not Women

  1. Thank you Nadine for being Miss Lebanon for one year only. After that, you should refrain from expressing your subjective opinion for public safety.


  2. Loooool ya Vierge ya ente!!! How many men were REJJEL with you i have no idea. But good for you it worked otherwise we wouldnt have ur AIRHEAD face saying this on TV. One quedtion what if your son tells u mom i wanna have sex before marriage, go for it hayeteeee. But mom with a man. La nchouf if u still say go for it. Idiot woman you are.


  3. Looooool! I am shocked at you guys. Seriously, I can’t believe you actually expected better from an entity whose claim to fame is her alleged beauty, therefore; being pleasurable for men to look at. It is idiots like her who make me never want to come back to Lebanon. It is idiots like her probably who would look down at a blind woman like myself if ever her son wanted to marry one God forbid! Bravo Nadin, keep digging.
    Hala in Arkansas USA


  4. “Yes! He’s a man. If a man doesn’t get experience, he will be a 40 year old who won’t satisfy his wife. Marriage shouldn’t happen early for a man in my books.” Does she even notice that this is objectifying for women?!! Like what if some boy uses her girls to practice so that he’d “satisfy” his wife later?! Please someone kill her.


  5. I wonder what her thoughts are on the recent human trafficking and sexual slavery scandal in Maameltein, considering she thinks that it’s totally normal for boys to gain “experience” at any cost, and without consenting young women who are not “prostitutes” (since that is unacceptable). Just kidding, I honestly don’t care what Nadine Njeim thinks about premarital sex, and neither should you. Stop giving platforms to people with undeveloped opinions, it is detrimental and dangerous to all of us.


  6. in my opinion this is a deep and complex social topic to discuss with a “simple” model and actress. don’t blame her this is her simple opinion and she has the right to think the way she wants. the problem is making that simple way of thinking public. I blame the journalist who is discussing this subject with her.


  7. She should attend my exhibition ‘Absent Present’ thats supports women and their equal rights on every level uncluding public spaces.

    Artist and many others are trying to fight this with everything they have.

    I find it very odd that a former beauty pageant contester and actress that relies heavily on ger sexual/physical appeal, somehow beleived that women are not supposed to be free sexually or physically in comparison to men.

    Equality with a man is not about sex only. It is about having right as a citizen.

    This is shocking!


  8. Cheap shitty media waiting for a woman’s opinion who happened to be a public figure to gain followers and viewers!
    regardless what she said, she has all the right to believe whatever she wants to believe, she is not inviting anyone to follow her steps!!! She is a conservative person ( fake or real), so what ????? Is she the only one ??? It’s her own choice !!! Stop making buzz out of lame stuff!! Lame blog


  9. Cheap shitty media waiting for a woman’s opinion who happened to be a public figure to gain followers and viewers!
    regardless what she said, she has all the right to believe in whatever she wants to believe, she is not inviting anyone to follow her steps!!! She is a conservative person ( fake or real), so what ????? Is she the only one ??? It’s her own choice !!! Stop making buzz out of lame stuff!! Lame blog


  10. mmm, Dear people , i wish all of us thinking same way . i wish that we can listen to each others different opinion without criticizing. who said i am right and who said your wrong? each one of us have points of view ,believes ,religion that usually we will base our opinion on that…
    if you wanna go fuck go fuck anybody! but this will reflect on you if u where man or women and absolutely in negative way, and how is that?you increasing chance to get HIV, your abusing you body , giving it to anyone all of that to satisfy your needs, and sometimes boys feel like they need to have sex with many women to get satisfy or be mature :S looool. this is what the male dog do.
    people we are human being not animals , we can satisfy our self’s by loving each others by learning by working helping each others.etc.. this is the real procedure and the real feelings that makes you mature , by having sex its only a temporary feeling of satisfaction and guys its absolutely like any drug, ONLY Temporary.
    sex between two people can only last for ever only and only when you are enough mature to love each other.
    SEX is the fruit of love . Staple water to it tree and take care of it , you will have fresh delicious fruits.
    women and men are equal !


    • Someone should tell her to either type in Arabic or have someone edit her English before posting 😂 other than that I will refrain from commenting on her “stupid” remarks. Let’s see how much she can control her daughter in this time and age. Maybe lock her in a dungeon.


  11. What Nadine Njeim is saying is consistent and is based on good logic:

    1) No one can stop men from fornication because they are driven by lust and they will follow any means to satisfy their lust. She said: “a boy can have sex” not “a boy should have sex”.
    2) Men can only fornicate if and only if women allow them to, otherwise if a man forces himself on a woman then this is rape. A family can let her girl loose or put limits on her. A girl can also let her self loose and fornicate with any man she likes or put limits on herself and on the man.

    The decision of allowing lust to be satisfied is in hands of women. Maybe you progressive people prefer women to indulge in hedonism because it is liberating. That’s fine. Nadine Njeim, who indulged in hedonism all her life, knows the price of it and is entitled to give her opinion and advice.


  12. And speaking about progress as opposed to backwardness, I am curious about what you Lebanese progressives think about these issues for example:
    1) public nudity,
    2) sex in public,
    3) nudity and sex on Lebanese TV and movies,
    4) a Lebanese movie with a very deep story and very good acting but where all actors are nude.


  13. Pfff. Why bother? It’s obvious that she thinks pleasure for a woman is bad. Sexual freedom for a woman is even worse because naturally, if a woman is free to have sex, she’ll be having sex all day long and with whoever like the beast that she is!! LOL.
    Obviously to the likes of Ms Nadine Njeim, who truly thinks she’s being a good mother and raising her children according to her family’s values, it’s inconceivable to her to know the difference between sexual freedom and nymphomania; sexual freedom and moral values; sexual freedom and sexual deviance; sexual freedom and self-control. It’s sad to see that she (unconsciously?) forgot what a hypocritical society we live in and it’s even sadder that she thinks it’s ok. Hey, if it ain’t broken, why fix it, ma hek? Who are we to challenge the system, challenge our parents’ beliefs, liberate women, free the society from its archaic values that no longer stand by the way? No. Men must have sex in order to become men but women MUST NOT have sex in order to become women. 🙂 Sad, sad, sad. Terribly sad.
    Will your son marry a non-virgin ya albe? Or will he sleep around ta yechba3 and then with all the hypocrisy in the world go “buy” himself a pre-approved virgin? Bass la’ akid la. YOUR SON WILL BE DIFFERENT than all the shmucks who were raised with this mentality, no doubt!
    What tante Nadine doesn’t realize is that a man that marries a woman who has no idea of her sexual preferences will end up bored and cheating on her anyhow because they may or may not have chemistry together and she may not know how to properly please him. And later on, at age 40, SHE WILL BE THE ONE looking outside her marriage for a life, having sacrificed all of her youth between being a breeding machine, repression, and sexual frustration. Without sex, NO PERSON knows who they truly are. Get out of your tower ya ammoura and take a look around. Ask about today’s divorces. Learn about real maturity and human psychology. Grow a brain. You know, whichever.


  14. I wanna tell something .Because of fakeee girls like Nadine Njeim, i gooot sooo much into problems abt losing my virginity . soooo muchhh.Theyyyy allll doo it at he docotrrrr , just a little procedurr because losing virginity hurts
    And all the girls in leb are sluts , they allll did it loong time ago judt like herrr , Nadime Njeim . because everyrhing is tabboo and thers no dialogue ,


  15. Typical illogical misogynistic brainwashed thinking. Sadly many people like Nadine exist. They encourage men to have sex and warn women. The funny thing is that since they live in a certain society, their sons will end up having sex with their friends’ daughters, who are the daughters of their own society, and their own daughters will be having sex with their friends’ sons. If not, it is totally ok to have sex with prostitutes? Encouraging the existence of prostitutes?
    This sexism is unfair to both men and women. Men may feel pressure that they have not had enough sex with enough number of people and end up trying to
    do anything to show that they are playboys to impress “brainwashed” society and friends. Pathetic! (you don’t have to accept this pressure)

    Women however may feel inferior to men. They may feel they do not have the freedom to express their sexuality as men do. They may even feel that they are not “normal” if they had any sexuality. Other women who have not accepted this sexism between men and women, may face the criticism of the brainwashed society.
    So if a man has sex, he is a superhero. If a woman has sex she is a slut. Really? Why? I want a logical answer to convince me. If it is because the woman might get pregnant, isn’t the baby also the man’s, 50% her genes, 50% the man’s? So, what other reason is there? Religion? Religion doesn’t encourage premarital sex neither for men or women as far as I know. If it does, can you show me the verse?
    If you accept this sexism. Do you also accept that it is ok that men rape women? Do you accept that women be inferior to men in their work? How about in their house? Do you accept that women do not have the right to travel and see the world? If you do not accept all these and accept that women cannot have sex as men, then you may be contradicting yourself. Because as the article mentions this sexism stretches in life issues further than just the sexual act itself. It may be weakening the women, lowering their independence and power in many aspects of their life.
    About strengthening their personality… Animals have sex! Now after listening to Nadine I found out why animals have strong personalities. They have sex! Lol. Do we strengthen personalities by having sex? Or by travelling, meeting people, strengthening social skills, communication skills, reading books?
    I believe that a man can have had sex once or twice in his life and be 1000 times more responsible, powerful, successful and have a “strong personality” than a loser who has had sex 100 times with 100 women. And the same applies to women. Find me a research that says if you have sex you strengthen your personality, so that when I have children I encourage BOTH my daughter and son to have non-stop sex 
    Doesn’t this sexism also encourage the idea that women are existing just so that they are played with by men? Doesn’t this encourage the idea that rape is ok because men are animals and should have sex no matter what? Doesn’t this encourage the idea that women are objects and not independent people who are powerful as men?
    Dear people like Nadine,
    Women may be as sexual as some men. You can either accept it or deal with it.
    If you want to encourage your son and oppress your daughter you are free, you can even tell your son to rape your daughter, again in some countries you can even do that. But please, whatever you do or decide to do, research the consequences of your actions before you do it. Because while you think you are “protecting” your daughter by stopping her from having sex, you are actually hurting her in many aspects of her life and encouraging many issues that stretch out even further than just the sexual act itself. The same applies to your son, you are hurting him and encouraging many issues as well. Please know and research the consequences of your actions whatever they may be, because sexism is ruining our societies.
    Thank you


  16. Becauseee of girls like Nadineee Njeimm, i went through a loooot, alllll the girls in leb act like decent , butt they’re allll sluuuts inside , theyve alllk done itttt, and thry dont do it for free


  17. To alllll the girlllls in Lebbb who liedddd andddd lieddd and they knowww it hurtssss 1st timeee, Isisss is just arpund the corner for a reason


  18. One more thing Mr Blogger , im going to nameeach girl by her name on fb 🙂 ,the total sluts of the Middle East,as looong as theyre like that, Isis is there for a reason , the punishment of men and women on earth


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  20. As much as I don’t agree with a lot of what she said. One point remains true, men and women are not the same. They both think differently when it comes to a lot of terms. One point I agree with what she stated is how women do in fact set the limits when they are seeing or dating a man. A lot of men don’t really care about limits and such and would keep moving forward unless the female says no that’s my boundary. Yet she is a hypocrite for saying it’s ok for men to do so, so that they can satisfy their wife lol.



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