No, Donald Trump Didn’t Sign A Visa Free Travel Order To Arab Countries

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A “news” article by a website called “USA radio” is currently making the rounds that Donald Trump signed an executive order that allows visa-free travel to Arab countries, including Lebanon, excluding the 6 Arab countries of the 7 he had tried to ban two weeks ago. It was written at the same time Trump signed his travel ban order, but only started making the Arab rounds recently.

The article is being shared left and right. To summarize, the news is fake. False. Not correct. You still need visas to go to the U.S. and no American president, for the foreseeable future, regardless of who they are, will sign an order that allows visa free travel to Arab countries. I mean, where do we think we are, la la land?

For starters, the website in question has shared two similar articles worded in almost exactly the same way about Caribbean countries as well as Ghana. Both articles have since been removed. Another article remains about the U.S. establishing visa free travel with “Asia” and that is also fake news. is a website full of fake news, of which this is a bunch:

I know the idea of being added to the list of countries who don’t have to knock embassy doors for visas is tantalizing, but this is still not happening anytime soon, and the Lebanese passport, as well as most Arab countries’ passports, are still among the worst-ranked passports of the world.

Moreover, Donald Trump whose policies are progressively aiming at isolating his country from the rest of the world will surely not sign an order to allow visa free travel from countries whose predominant religion he wants to ban. Let’s have some common sense, people. Also, just check out the actual, official, governmental Visa Waiver Program website (click).


If it’s too good to be true, it most likely isn’t, especially when the president whose order you want to be true is building a multi-billion wall to keep his Southern neighbors out. If you want to go to the United States, your only way is to pay that visa fee and go to your local embassy and be interviewed.

As a rule of thumb, when you see an article at which your first thought is “is this true?” from websites you’ve previously not heard of, make sure you use the powers of google to search for reliable sources that you are familiar with that corroborate the information put forth in that article.


17 thoughts on “No, Donald Trump Didn’t Sign A Visa Free Travel Order To Arab Countries

  1. The USA is no longer an enticing country to settle as before !America is no longer a land of dreams .Nowadays, Arabs generally prefer to find a highly paid job in the Gulf countries than wasting their time in the US.


    • A kid with a Blog said it is a Fake news from which resources? whether true or wrong we dont know yet, any legislative law change, any agreement, any any settlement needs time to be implimented, as for this news no ojne said is fake except the KID of this Blog and you Kido

      • This “kid” and his “blog” showed you that the website is full of fake news, showed you exactly which countries are present under the visa waiver program and referred you to the US Department of State website about this. 7esh t3awwe.

  3. To me the USA is the worst country in the world also Americans are so stupid and have no general knowledge about life!!! The shocking news is that 40% of the American people don’t even have passports nor went abroad and they think that America is the only country on this planet!!!

  4. If too good to be true,then it is not true . No country would have open borders and no visa , specially when thinking about a 30 foot wall to keep neighbors away ,
    Israel , tear that wall of shame down , End Occupation and have peace . Peace on Earth .

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