Lebanon’s Obsession With “Biggest”

We are welcoming a new “biggest” achievement in the circle of things no one else in the world has beaten us to. The Bekaai, Becharre-wannabe, town of Deir El Ahmar is building the world’s “biggest rosary.” Construction is already underway:

(Source: Lebanese Forces Facebook page)

(Source: Lebanese Forces Facebook page)

Biggest rosary, biggest cross, biggest cup of lemonade, biggest dish of hummus, biggest dish of tabboule, biggest house made up of matchsticks, biggest collection of matchbox cars… the list goes on. But the question to be asked: when does the “biggest” mania stop?

Are we compensating for something that’s lacking? And for those whose mind wandered, get it out of the gutter. I didn’t mean that – I meant the lack of accomplishments to which “biggest” can apply and which are actually useful.

Instead of building the world’s largest rosary, couldn’t the money have gone into something that would actually benefit the people of Deir el Ahmar in more tangible ways? Say a business project that would give them jobs?

Ra7 tdall jrasna tde2,” (our church bells will keep ringing)¬†was some people’s comments regarding the rosary. “Ne7na hon,” (we are here) was their comment regarding the biggest cross. “Beddna n3e22,” (we want to binge drink) could have been the slogan for the biggest lemonade cup that my district’s main city Batroun did.

But what remains constant is that few are those who know that “l jras betdall tde2″ not only through humoungous rosaries. I can only say do one thing regarding all of this: sigh.

Beware! Tomatoes are Forbidden for Being a “Christian” Fruit… So Says an Egyptian Islamist Association

Crazy people with a platform. Hello bad side of the internet.

One of my Facebook friends shared this picture on my timeline with a sarcastic comment to show their corresponding disdain of its content. And I’m sharing it here for two purposes:

1) Comedy is needed these days.

2) Sometimes calling groups on their stupidity is needed.

The Egyptian Islamic Popular Association (or my translation of Alrabita Alsha3bia Almasriya el Islamia) has decided to call on people to stop eating tomatoes because it’s a Christian fruit which holds the Cross in it. Wait, there’s even a picture!

Praise Jesus! He is risen in a berry!

The translation goes as follows: “Eating tomatoes is forbidden because it’s Christian, praises the Cross and calls on you to worship three gods and not one. We beseech you to share it because a sister in Palestine saw the Prophet in a vision crying and warning his nation of eating tomatoes. If you don’t share it, know that the devil has forbidden you.”

The devil. We don’t want to upset that now, do we?

Their Facebook page, which you can access here, supports Mohammad Morsi for the Egyptian elections. They’re also happy that Shakira has converted to Islam and they have the picture to prove it. You don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot of that:

That’s not Shakira… or is it?

Meanwhile, the tomato post has a caption which calls Christians a blasphemous bunch (Kuffar), about 2700 shares and 1200 comments. The good thing is? Many of those comments are calling it as it is: retardation.

As for me, I’m classing this under humor.