The Holy Orb (Short Story) – Part 1

This is a short story that I wrote a few years ago for an English course. It’s Harry Potter-inspired and I hope you’ll take the chance to read it and let me know what you think.

I’ll be posting it in a few parts. Presenting part 1.

As mortals bristled by to their workplaces, it seemed no one noticed as a long golden-scaled snake slithered next to their feet. Its eyes gleaming bright blue; its slit-tongue hissing, the snake took a detour into a shady alleyway right outside an antiques shop. It remained still in front of a wall before spitting three drops of poison on a small lever that was only visible to it.

The lever revolved and spun upwards as the bricks of the wall in front of it started to fade away to reveal what seemed to be another dark alley.
The snake hissed something that seemed strangely satisfactory before entering through the newly opened passage.

The lane was bordered on the right by low and strangely crafted sculptures. They showed people getting tortured.
On the left, a brick wall stood erect, on which characters of an unknown language were carved. The snake continued, hissing furiously trying to sense its way.

It stood in front of the seventh statue and slithered up to the woman‟s neck, who was shielding herself from a tall wizard. The snake, then, wrapped itself around the neck and squeezed three times. A scream emanated from the woman‟s mouth each time it did so. The statue‟s neck broke the third time, sending the woman‟s head tumbling to the ground.
As the statue‟s stones faded into nonexistence, a staircase appeared where the woman‟s feet had once been.
The snake slithered down into what seemed to be an underground church.

The Cross-shaped ceiling was all that remained to indicate the true nature of the place. Everything else was dismantled.
An empty chair stood on the altar.
The snake moved to the chair and as it neared the altar, it transformed into a man.

He flicked his fingers around and a bluish glow illuminated the place. Then, one by one, people started to appear, surrounded by heavy dark smoke.

“So…” he breathed eerily. “Will we be able to get the boy before he gets to the orb?”
A man who appeared to be one of his followers approached him fearfully, shaking.
He breathed. “David Parker is nowhere to be found – the Magiliement has sealed him well!” “SILENCE!” the snake man roared. He pointed his wand at the man who breathed furiously, shallowly in front of him – a jet of yellow light emanated out of the tip of his wand and the man fell to the floor, lifeless – dead. “This is what you get when you disappoint me!” he said calmly, his mouth twisting into a smile.

He drew out his long, pointed yellow nail and drew a sphere in the air. He looked at bright blue eyes that shone at him, as David Parker sat with his girlfriend on the lawn of his university, his hand bristling through her hair.

Google Translate’s Hidden Political Message?

I found this out today and thought it’s interesting enough to blog about it.

1) Go to Google Translate.

2) Choose your input language as English, output as Arabic. Type in: Israel Will Finish.

3) Take out the resultant translation and translate it back to English. Check out the result.

4) Try out any other country. I’ve tried Lebanon and the U.S.A.

You can’t blame the interlingual variations for the difference you see here. Thoughts?