Google Translate’s Hidden Political Message?

I found this out today and thought it’s interesting enough to blog about it.

1) Go to Google Translate.

2) Choose your input language as English, output as Arabic. Type in: Israel Will Finish.

3) Take out the resultant translation and translate it back to English. Check out the result.

4) Try out any other country. I’ve tried Lebanon and the U.S.A.

You can’t blame the interlingual variations for the difference you see here. Thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Google Translate’s Hidden Political Message?

  1. I just tried this and it gives me اسرائيل سوف تنتهي which does indeed translate to ‘Israel will end’.

    Google’s Arabic translations are extraordinarily unreliable though. I wouldn’t be that suprised if it was just randomly giving out a different version to different visitors…


    • You have 2 systems for med school in Lebanon. The French system admits you directly into after finishing high school into a 7 year program.
      The American system requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree (which takes you 3 years to do) to enter into the 4 year med school program.
      I’m done with my BS in Biology but took a year off before going into med school.



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