Katy Perry’s Hidden Message in E.T?

Katy Perry’s new video for her smash hit E.T. was released on Thursday and, like the song, it’s all about aliens and weirdness.

I have mixed feelings about the video personally. I thought it was way overhyped (everyone was saying how it was going to be the video of the year and whatnot) so I was let down by the final result. But it was still a good video in the sense that it wasn’t boring and it was definitely engaging. The visual effects were quite good, especially for a music video, and I just like the song. I did ever since I listened to its demo.

You can watch the video here.

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Google Translate’s Hidden Political Message?

I found this out today and thought it’s interesting enough to blog about it.

1) Go to Google Translate.

2) Choose your input language as English, output as Arabic. Type in: Israel Will Finish.

3) Take out the resultant translation and translate it back to English. Check out the result.

4) Try out any other country. I’ve tried Lebanon and the U.S.A.

You can’t blame the interlingual variations for the difference you see here. Thoughts?