The Evanescence Concert in Lebanon

I had a few friends go to the Evanescence concert which took place yesterday at Beirut’s new Waterfront so for those of you who couldn’t go, this is how the concert went.

It was very crowded and the crowds were so energetic that Amy Lee, Evanescence’s lead singer, was impressed and apologized to the Lebanese crowd for not coming sooner.

It’s not like they would have come before when they were much bigger and Lebanon was an irrelevant speck on their radar. But whatever, right?

The concert took around 80 minutes, which wasn’t much according to many concert goers, although that’s pretty much around the average for a set by an American band.

The setlist was the following:

– What You Want,

– Going Under,

– The Other Side,

– Made of Stone,

– Lost in Paradise,

– My Heart is Broken,

– Lithium,

– Sick,

– The Change,

– Call Me When You’re Sober,

– Imaginary,

– Bring Me To Life,

– Swimming Home,

– My Immortal

Amy Lee was apparently top-notch vocally as well.
Here are some of the concert’s pictures:

By MixFM

By MixFM

By MixFM

By MixFM

Following the concert, Amy Lee tweeted this:
And this is My Immortal at the concert:

Evanescence Coming To Lebanon on June 23rd


It seems this summer is all about rock. Joining the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Within Temptations and other rock bands, Evanescence are coming to Lebanon for a concert next month, according to Evention, on Saturday June 23rd.

Tickets will be available from all Virgin Megastore branches on May 8th (this Tuesday) and prices will be as follows:

– Standing: $45

– Seated: starting $50

– Golden Circle: standing $100

My favorite Evanescence songs are ImaginaryMy Immortal, Bring Me to Life and Everybody’s Fool off their debut album. Almost everything they put out after that wasn’t as good as their debut.

Either way, I’m sure they have enough fans in Lebanon to fill the concert.

Here’s hoping next summer will be all about country music. No, I’m not kidding. I’m tired of feeling not involved with all these events :p