On Fathers’ Day

When my mother suggested I’d get a flower for my father for father’s day, I looked at her like she had gone crazy. “But it’s a nice gesture,” she said.

Flowers is just not something you do on fathers’ day. And you know what, I don’t know why’s that.

Among the days specified by some unknown entity for us to remember our parents, fathers’ day takes a backseat for the more “important” mothers’ day. Even companies don’t bombard you with the same quantity of ads and you don’t even feel as guilty for not worrying about what gift you’d be getting your father.

It could be that fathers are always less emotional than mothers and you’d therefore assume they don’t care as much about their day as mothers care about theirs. But a gift must be bought!

I actually have no idea what gift someone can get their father for their day. What sort of gift would make your father transiently happy?

Then I remembered something. My father is prouder of me than my mother, if that’s even possible. And while I hate it when I find myself in a social setting and he starts bragging about what a son he has, I can see exactly how much that means to him.

With each passing day where my brothers and I make my father proud, we’re turning his day into father’s day.

God Bless my father. God Bless all the fathers whose influence over our lives is very under-appreciated. And may all of the people I know who have lost their father find solace on this day.

On a happier, less depressing note, check out this very poignant comic by Sareen Akharjalian whose blog is full of awesome and funny material (check her blog here):

Because Father’s Day is Important Too… Exotica’s Awesome Father’s Day Ad

With each passing year, we have two different days to celebrate our parents: one for our mothers and another for our fathers. The latter takes a very far backseat compared to the former.

But Exotica isn’t happy with the status quo.

No one ever forgets mother’s day, but Father’s day is not commonly celebrated. This time, Exotica is dedicating one whole week for our fathers, they surely deserve more! Show them how much they mean to you and how much you love them this week!

And they have an absolutely awesome ad as well.

Great job Exotica. I guess I need to start thinking about a birthday/Father’s day gift for my own father. Yes, my dad was born on Father’s Day. Makes him all the more awesome.

Happy Fathers’ Day

It is the summer solstice and also fathers’ day in Lebanon.

My dad and I are, for lack of a better description, gunpowder and fire. Whenever we clash, things are going to explode. It could be because we’re more alike than we both want to admit.

My dad is a great man. And these last few weeks have only proven to me how lucky I am to have him as my father. Be it when I hugged him to say so and he almost cried or when he stood with his sister for their brother/sister wedding shot and they both chocked up.

My dad is a mountain of feelings that are always hidden beneath a surface of might. He always aims to give us the best life he can, even though that’s not always a possibility in a country like Lebanon. But the words: “you don’t need to worry about anything, whatever you want, just ask” are always coming out of his mouth.

I remember a night this winter when it was almost snowing in my hometown and my dad had to go fix the family’s main source of income. He begged my mom not to let me go with him but I went. I couldn’t have imagined any person going through that night alone. Imagine being out in freezing temperatures as the wind howls and rain/snow pours on you.

I am who I am today because a great man like him had a hand in raising me. My dad has his faults. But for what it’s worth, his faults make me love him even more.

And the fact that his birthday also happens to be on Fathers’ Day is not a coincidence. So to my awesome dad, happy birthday and happy fathers’ day.