Carrie Underwood… How Great Thou Art

Praising God magnificently with a divine rendition of the brilliant “How Great Thou Art,” Carrie Underwood has transcended common grounds.

Not only does she send shivers down your spine but listening to her when she brings it all out is truly a magnificent experience.

Jennifer Nettles proclaimed after Carrie finished belting out the last note: “what a voice!”
People in the audience were crying.
The standing ovation started with more than minute left of Carrie singing.

God is great…. but in these moments, we say to Carrie Underwood: how great thou art.

And just as someone shouts just before Carrie started singing: we love you. It’s hard not to after hearing her sing that.

It is a performance like this that further solidifies what Brad Paisley has said about Carrie. “She is the best singer in any format of music today”.
Yes, she is.

Watch the performance here: