Dear LBC, This is How You Introduce a Drama TV Channel

After the Ward el Khal catfight turned out to be staged by LBC to introduce their new TV channel LBC Drama, which goes on air on August 20th, a reader commented and reminded me of another TV station which introduced a drama channel not so long ago.

While the LBC stint got 200,000 YouTube hits, the other one got 36 million. The LBC prank turned out to be cheap, the other one turned out to be genius.

This is the LBC prank:

And this is the video LBC should have been “inspired” from:

Now this, my dear readers, is drama.

The Ward el Khal “Scandal” is an LBC Prank

Remember the video that surfaced online a few days ago and featured Lebanese actress Ward el Khal going into a cat fight with a woman who accused her of sleeping with her husband?

If you don’t, then here’s the video.

A few days later, Blog Baladi wrote about Ward el Khal filing a lawsuit against the woman in question. Drama, drama. Literally.

It turned out the whole video is a prank, staged by LBC, who wanted to advertise their new TV station: LBC Drama.

While the prank sure got people talking, I have to say it’s a very cheap shot and I’d be worried if it actually represented the content of what LBC Drama will air.

The new station will go on air starting August 20th.

“The idea was that of brilliance, leading viewers to feel and live the moment and the drama,” Ward el Khal said regarding the video.

I guess some people have a low standard for what’s brilliant.

This is Ward el Khal letting you all know:

LBC are proud by how viral the video went. What I don’t get is how that will benefit them in whatever they were trying to do.