The Participants of Lebanon’s Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars Lebanon

MTV has just unveiled the participants of Lebanon’s version of Dancing With the Stars. Here’s the list:

  • Nada Bou Farhat (actress)
  • Wissam Hanna (former Mr. Lebanon)
  • May Harriri (singer)
  • Naya (singer)
  • Rosarita Tawil (former Miss Lebanon)
  • Mirva Kadi (Model & singer)
  • Nicolas Mouawad (actor/TV anchor)
  • Rabih Baroud (Singer)
  • Haifa Haddad (Trainer)
  • Michel Bou Sleiman (comedian)
  • Walid Alayli (actor)

Each of these famous people will be paired with a professional dancer. The couple will be judged by a panel as well as audience votes. The winning team has to garner the highest combination of audience votes and panel grades. I don’t know how well this show would do with non-Lebanese audiences though seeing as all of the participants are Lebanese. But I’m not complaining.