Blown Away – The Second Single Off Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away”?

Following Good Girl, people are wondering what could be the second single that Carrie has readied for country radio. And word is, it’s a song that will stun them even more than Good Girl did.

Blown Away is the song that will blow country radio away.

Starting with an ominous forecast of freak weather hitting Oklahoma, a recent article in Billboard Magazine mentioned a lyric from the song: “Some people called it taking shelter. She called it taking sweet revenge.”

The song, according to Sony Nashville’s chairman and CEO Gary Overton is very close to a mini-movie. The whole song is very dramatic. The production on it is very tight. The lyrics are shocking and Carrie’s delivery is exquisite. In fact, Carrie had the following to say about the song:

I’ve never been so excited to hear a demo as I was that one. I got chills…we needed to find things that would fit with this [song], because if I found 13 other tracks that didn’t match with that one, I’d start over and keep that one.”

 All of this is not enough to confirm Blown Away as the second single. What confirms it is the following.
– Carrie said they were torn between two songs for the first single: one that came later in the writing process and one that was great all the time. The former is Good Girl, the latter is Blown Away. If Good Girl was chosen as lead single, then Blown Away should be their second single choice.
– Carrie also said that they’d be shooting the music videos for the first two singles back to back so they wouldn’t need to wait long until they could release them. We have two images from Carrie that confirm Blown Away was already filmed:
– With her fourth album, Carrie said that her approach was drastically different – it was one geared towards more critical acclaim. With music insiders already gushing over the album and calling Blown Away a standout track among an album of standouts, the song could be the one Carrie needs. And what better way to take country radio by an even bigger storm than by the writers of Before He Cheats?
Either way, 16 more days until the album drops and until we can know for certain if Blown Away is worth all the talk. This could be, however, the first time Carrie Underwood releases the song of her album title as a single.

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Duet: His New Single?

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are best buddies in the country music scene.

She was his opening act while promoting her debut album “Some Hearts” and they ended up recording a duet “Oh Love”, an awesome song that was never released. A huge missed opportunity, may I add.

Now, it looks like they have recorded another duet together. And I believe it will be the upcoming single of Brad Paisley’s upcoming album “This Is Country Music”.

First, Carrie’s latest single, Mama’s Song has peaked about a month ago at #2 and it has been rumored that she will not be releasing anymore singles from Play On. The rumor was questioned at first, but the longer we go without a single on the radio, the lesser the chance of continuing the Play On era.

Second, if no Carrie single is released from now till August or September, assuming a predicted November release date for her fourth album, it will be the longest period that Carrie has gone through without an active single on the radio. Far too long if you ask me.

Third, Brad Paisley’s current single “This is Country Music” is racing up the country charts and looks poised to peak at #1 in the coming two or three weeks. It currently sits at #3 on the charts, with a remarkably fast 13-week run, one of the fastest Brad Paisley singles to do so.

Fourth, Brad Paisley’s album is to be released late May, which means that if the current single peaks around early March, it would leave a two month period of no single on the radio to promote his album. A second single being issued is a certainty.

Fifth, Brad Paisley will be competing with Lady Gaga on his first week of release and while he will not beat her, releasing a second single that sparks wide interest among country listeners is sure to provide him with high sales numbers.

Sixth, with the huge success duets and group singles are seeing on country radio (Need You Now, Don’t You Wanna Stay, If I Die Young), it looks like the trend of having more than one singer on a track is paying off. Now get together the genre’s leading vocalists and put them on the same track and you have the recipe for a smash hit on country radio, one that will sustain Carrie through the wait for her fourth album and one that will provide Brad with the needed buzz for his album release.

Also, another thing to note is that with Carrie not having any single on the radio, she will not be able to sing anything at the ACMs and I doubt Brad would want to sing “This Is Country Music” there after debuting it at the CMAs and after it would undoubtedly have peaked.

So it looks like Carrie’s team has prepared a bombshell for us with an awesome single that will undoubtedly take the Country Music scene by storm. One can only hope the song is as awesome as we all think it will be.