Lebanon’s New Ambitious Startup: Turning Car Tires Into Fashion

Lebanon is the country where car tires have functions that surpass them being, well, the things on which cars roll. 

Where we come from, tires can be used to block off roads by protestors. They can also be used by the police or contractors to divert traffic. And, when shit hits the fan, they serve as incenerator hubs to fill Beirut’s sky with marks of some group’s political anger. Speaking of burning tires, it has been a long time, hasn’t t?

A Lebanese startup, called VEA, started by Patrick El Zoghbi aiming to protect the environment in the region while finding new ways to use material that would have been otherwise detrimental to nature and to our health. 

The entire premise of VEA is to be an environmentally friendly company. From having minimal printing policies, to using only recycled paper up to their main motivation: turning tires into fashion items, including using environmentally friendly items in those fashion items.

This is what VEA is set on producing:



I think the plan is extremely ambitious. I commend VEA for their efforts in 1) providing alternatives to the Lebanese and International market that divert from the regular available items they’re selling, 2) doing so in a way that is both environmentally friendly and innovative and 3) having it actually be affordable. 

The price range for the above items ranges from $50 to $1000, so it is affordable for a wide range of people.

To do all of this, VEA needs your help. Check out the following link for more information. Help them out – it’s always good to make sure Lebanese aspirations don’t get squashed because of lack of funds.

This is a video explaining the whole process: 


Lebanese Startup “Transterra Media” Among World’s Most Unlikely Successes


Mashable has compiled a list of 25 startup companies at unlikely places around the world and a Lebanese startup called Transterra Media came in on the list at #23.

According to their website (link), the startup aims at redefining the way news is communicated by providing outlets with pictures and material straight out of from the scene.

I don’t know why Mashable considers Lebanon an unlikely place for such a news-centric startup to flourish. If anything, isn’t reporting news from where everything happens the best way to make a dent and cause a ripple? And in more general terms, haven’t many Lebanese startups also managed to become successful?

Either way, congrats to the people running Transterra Media for the recognition. Hopefully other local startups get noticed on a global scale as well soon.