R.I.P Samer Hanna, Wissam Eid & Francois el Hajj

Dear Concerned Lebanese Citizen,

Were you this concerned when Samer Hanna got shot in his helicopter while flying over South Lebanon?

Were you this concerned when Wissam Eid and Francois el Hajj were blown up until there was nothing left of them to return to their grieving families?

Captain Wissam Eid

Dear Lebanese army,

Were you this feisty when you lost Samer Hanna, Wissam Eid & Francois el Hajj?

Were you this protective of your own when you lost those three men to three separate, equally-horrifying, assassinations?

General Francois el Hajj

Dear Lebanese political websites worried about the army,

Were you remotely concerned when your directing politicians stood in the home of one of them and defended his killers?

Were you remotely concerned with the army’s sake and all the martyrs that fell in Nahr el Bared when your allies proclaimed the camp a “red line?”

Lieutenant Samer Hanna

Dear Lebanese people hating on the army,

Where was this hate when you were begging for army protection when you were getting killed?

Where was this hate when you proclaimed the army as the only entity you want for your protection?

“Allah ye7me l jeish” 100%. Bass shou bta3mel bi 7ezbo? Shou bta3mel bel 3alam yalli ma bta3ref Allah?