Katy Perry’s Hidden Message in E.T?

Katy Perry’s new video for her smash hit E.T. was released on Thursday and, like the song, it’s all about aliens and weirdness.

I have mixed feelings about the video personally. I thought it was way overhyped (everyone was saying how it was going to be the video of the year and whatnot) so I was let down by the final result. But it was still a good video in the sense that it wasn’t boring and it was definitely engaging. The visual effects were quite good, especially for a music video, and I just like the song. I did ever since I listened to its demo.

You can watch the video here.

Anyway, a friend of mine, Lydia, @Neverland1987, has apparently noticed something weird that goes on in the video whenever Katy Perry sings the line “into the light”. She managed to get a clear screenshot at around 1:40 into the video.

Anyone has any clue what this means? I sure don’t.

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24 thoughts on “Katy Perry’s Hidden Message in E.T?

  1. You have posted the wrong video. The original March 27th version was banned and yanked off the airs right after release.

    You might wanna post this version:



    from LiveLeaks:

    “This is the version that was LEAKED, before the MTV premiere. There are Guilderberg agendas subliminally layered in this one – which was later deleted from the March 30th release.


    “Katy Perry and Kanye West E.T video leaked, then banned” : http://www.filmindustrynetwork.biz/katy-perry-and-kanye-west-e-t-video-leaked-then-banned/8923

    Read more: Katy Perry and Kanye West E.T video leaked, then banned

    ** Hidden auditory and visual imagery!!

    This is VERY bizarre. Watch and LISTEN closely. Especially whenever Katy sings “into the light”. There is a Guilderberg logo clearly displayed! Are we going to see more of these disclosures as “the time” come closer??

    Music video by Katy Perry feat. Kanye West performing E.T.

    Director: Floria Sigismondi

    Producers: Natasha Alexsa Garcia, Danny Lockwood, Kelly Norris Sarno

    Label: Capitol Records

    Album: Teenage Dream”


  2. Well I think the HTML on your page disabled that. You can simply get the embed code by clicking on Embed under the video on MetaCafe and choosing Large.


    • I had no idea what the message meant. Nor did my friend who asked about it. It’s not as much as people freaking out as it is them wanting to know what the messages are.
      Horrible video btw.


      • Well, the Illuminati is, apparently, the name of a secret group/society that worships Satan and wants to impose a religion-free world order. Their symbolisms are, apparently, found on money bills (Pyramid with all-seeing eye on US dollar), subliminal visual messages in several music videos (Lady Gaga’s eye of Horus sign, Jay-Z’s joined-hands gesture, frequent references to “Rainman” in rap songs, …) and even satanic subliminal messages when some songs are played backwards (Obama’s “Yes We Can” gives “Thank You, Satan” when reversed, for example).


        • This is very interesting. The extent of what I “know” about the Illuminati is what I had read in Dan Brown’s book, Angels And Demons, and I mean, how credible is that? :p
          Thank you for the information. I really appreciate them. Fascinating topic, I believe.


  3. That illuminati stuff sounds very interesting to me, didn’t know much about it til now, but it’s fascinating 🙂 All I knew before was from that movie with Tom Hanks, based on Dan Browns book.


  4. well i have a feeling that she means the anti christ himself all the symbols show that i mean i fell in love with the song i try to justify to myself that its a normal song but then again i get lost in the lyrics specially when she said futristic lover !!
    who could a futuristic lover be ???
    i mean i tried to explain the rest of the lyrics but i stopped at futuristic lover !!!


  5. Welllllll, my analysis of the video is this :
    The first thing that I immediately recognize (beside the huge bindi on a metallic robot which makes me question whether actual human souls/consciousness will be held inside of robots), is that katy perry appears as a grey, the most notable being associated with aliens. Are you an angel, could you be the devil is the question asked. Satan is viewed through this abstract image, as well as the God concept. People generally refuse to believe in aliens, while not realizing that the bible states the Almighty as not of this earth. Neither satan, nor “GOD” are of this terra. The most infamous image of satan is always reptilian in nature. Although often seen with goat horns and hooves, I believe this image to be associated with a specific time period and culture; most devils have a reptilian tale. Gargoyles, lizard men, and other such creatures have been associated with this being for thousands of years, world-wide with no Christian influence. My interpretation of this is to announce to people, on a subconscious level, that what humans consider the devil, is an actual being belonging to a race of aliens. Backing this interpretation is in the next sentence where she says: “different DNA, they don’t understand you.” For centuries, if there is one thing people have not understood, it is the nature of the devil!!!!! She goes on to say he’s from a whole other world and dimension, which is interesting because there are also dimensional beings that manifest themselves in our reality through negative thought patterns. They literally feed off negative brain waves. Anyway, as she says this, differing images flash, including the dna others stated was backwards, signaling satan (mostly anything backwards signals satan depending on who you ask), death and dying shown as a baby dear decomposing in the field, the flower of life, even the body of the albino black man taking a breath. She also changes her appearances at this point towards a more human image, although with reptilian eyes. To recap, my interpretation of just the beginning of this video implies that human consciousness will be entrapped in robots or androids, the devil is announcing his presence as an alien being that is misunderstood, and the true alien race is reptilian since the eyes keep taking reptilian shape (and the “alien/devil” has shown its ability to shape shift). Also, let’s not forget that he is also our futuristic lover avidly seducing us.
    Okay, so we are about 1:40 into the song when she’s ready to go into the light. The short flashes of images shows nuclear explosion (signals war in my mind), a tiger roaring, a strange furry lizard eating an insect, war between people of a previous time, something happening to that albino man that does NOT look like sex as he lays on black rocks, and finally a lioness taking down prey, STRANGE!. I take this to mean that humankind has successfully been seduced and is in the initiation phase before they become “illuminated”. “Kiss me, infect me with your love and fill me with your poison. Take me wanna be your victim, ready for abduction.” Well, this speaks for itself. It signals that human identity will be eradicated once a merging of the two species is complete. After this, her outfit changes to white and her features change into a red mask around her eyes. While this is happening, an image of a yellow bindi in the middle of her head appears and then disappears into the final image of her in the white dress. Does albino DNA have anything to do with this? The original sin of EVE involved having sex with Adam and the Devil, bearing a human child and a child of mixed seed, hence the legend of Cain and Abel. Cain, the devils child, was punished for murdering his brother. He was left unable to till the land/cultivate crops/ or basically, grow food. He was also marked, some say by the color of his skin: According to scholars, early interpretations of the Bible in Syriac Christianity combined the “curse” with the “mark”, and interpreted the curse of Cain as black skin.[9] Some argue that this may have originated from rabbinic texts, which interpreted a passage in the Book of Genesis (“And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell”) as implying that Cain underwent a permanent change in skin color.” If anything, I think his skin would’ve been changed to white in that area, passing on vitalago to his children. The reason I say white skin is because black skin is melanated, being able to produce vitamin D and receive energy from the sun. My mom has vitalago and every time she gets burned by the sun, she asks god why is she cursed! Black skin is functional where albino skin has lost its ability to function in the sun. All I know is that leprosy was thought to be a curse by god during biblical times and both vitalago and leprosy is a form of albinism. This is the thought that immediately comes to mind when they feature an albino, as we enter the second verse.
    At this point, I give up. She says his love is supersonic, she wants to feel his powers, “stun me with your lasers” Come on, this is not sexual, this is a downright VIOLENT INVASION!!!! The hook comes again, then she talks about it being transcendental on another level and the devil being her “lucky star”? This part sounds just like witch craft. Other beings are summoned to earth transcendentally, using stars. Drawing a pentagram is not gonna’ bring your devil, the hexagram will. However, an upside down pentagram is symbolic of satan worship. Of course, a pentagram is the lucky star being referenced. Also, she says that she wants to walk on his wavelength and be there when he vibrates. Subliminal messaging has been conducted, and still is, on the general public using e.l.f.s . This stands for extremely low frequencies, and messages can be directly delivered to your brain, mimicking your brainwave patterns so that your mind can receive the message without you knowing. In terms of vibration, the vibration of the world has been sped up for the purpose of this meeting. The beings, reptillians, the devil or whatever you wanna call it, does not function on our vibration, which is love. The vibration of the earth is also speeding up time. Anyone can test this theory with an analogue clock and a digital one. Digital time is not restricted to twenty-four hours, set them together and the analogue will eventually lag behind. Songs on the radio are faster, the tempo, the things we do, third worlds are being industrialized so that we speed up the vibrations on that part of the earth. Other subliminal images being flashed (cutting this short cuz I can’t do this anymore!) are actual animals screwing at about 3:50, a couple kissing, and a baby being delivered, right before katy and the albino kiss. Yes, humans are commercializing space, yes katy perry’s eyes keep getting more human as she keeps having contact with the albino and yes this wreaks of masonic/illuminati/secret society messaging!


  6. well I wouldn’t exactly say that all that stuff whispering wind said is 100 percent accurate, but most of it is slightly true. maybe it’s just a normal video, but were just digging too much into it.

    there’s no way that this song is about love. just listen to that black guys vulgar words in the beginning of the song.

    I’d say that the alien is Lucifer and he comes to earth. first unknown. then he turns red, like blood. this is where the final down fall of earth is displayed, murder, violence, atom bomb, world war 3 etc.

    at the final stage he finds the robot, which is a person. our bodies are like robots, inside we have a spirit and soul. the albino is just an example of our spirit body.

    well, he then turns into an angel of light, beautiful and pure, but alien, because he is something from a different dimension. because we live in a dying world and are partly broken, he comes to show us the light, and only if we become one with him in our spirit bodies – eg. have sex, or ask him to live in us, or get the mark of the beast (like the video displays act of animals mating and a plant squirting out juices), will he lead us to the light, the better place…

    so in other words Katy is Satan who comes as a beautiful angel of light to give us a better life and then walks us into the light with our spirit bodies. so if we do not follow Satan in the end, we shall perish, because he will be the light. as in the anti-Christ. all Christians will be murdered and persecuted.

    i’m sure it’s just a way to get people into following the anti-Christ in the end times. because they won’t be able to tell Satan apart from any super human, because their minds have been made into pudding with all the brainwashing.


  7. I believe that to be a Memento Mori, a a few hundred (plauge era) year old Motiff that was meant to say to the observer ” remember Death”

    Which is the one of the points I saw in this video.

    I have only seen it backwards.

    Before you brush me off as a loon let me try and convince you otherwise.

    I study the topic of backwards messagses in pop music my whole life

    I am certain, and believe that you can be too, that the Beatles when Recording their Magnum opus to weirdness and the wider worlds intersection with a hiding hand (opposed to a hidden hand with it’s implied place behind us. Hiding is present and active)

    One need only listen to it forwards, with headphones and an attentive spirit, to be able to hear such an array of miltiple voices Making their own linear progression through the track but at times appearing to create (with the simultaneous Jabber going on,) a totally synthetic and totally imaginary new voice, but not imaginay in that it doesn’t exist. Imaginary only due to the inability for anyone but a pro to break apart the tracks and 1: figure out where they say something, and 2 , be able to explain or document Exactly how they do.

    Its simply due to a lack of an OPEN science of this that this is so.

    Backwards Revolution 9 is way more amazing In this regards. It has this constant flow of audible chants that are weird forwards and backwards

    But back to my point(that I haven’t made yet as it took too long to say what I wanted to say to you through the example of proving the “more than we knew back then, same no for today probably” level of help in the studio.

    Its more than just splicing and layering tracks.

    Its knowing how to do it Beforehand as it would kill the master to do the amount of experimenting needed to come up with the precise Audio things

    Okay one last attempt to do it.

    Get a recorder app and record yourself saying Number 9 over and over. As close as possible in all the little nuanced ways as you can.

    And then get a reversal app, load of your clip and you’ll hear turn me on NERman, not Deadman.

    I listened to the forwards part carefully listening to any synthetically added noises to help aid in turning it into Dead, not Ner.

    And sure enough, if you listen to it you’ll hear a tiny blip noise, a little snapping sound that occurs when I the sound goes NumBer 9.

    If one makes a tight snapping nosie of the lips at the moment it goes ‘ber” it can make a much improved reproduction.

    Now I cannot explain how something that has only 3 or 3.5 syllables one way has 5 the other, but I am sure I’ll figure out a way

    Okay I will make my point by copying here a post I did earlier.

    It begins oddly Sad, and ends



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