Remind Me (Music Video) – Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood

The awaited video of country music’s most anticipated single of the year so far has just been released.

Set in a desert around sunset, it features Brad Paisley with his guitar and Carrie Underwood with her legs. Yes, the legs are even more important than the guitar. Why? Well, they say pictures speak louder than words. How about three?

And for emphasis:

If you’re still with me, let us proceed.

The treatment of the Remind Me video is different from what anyone expected. Sure, our expectations were high but the more reasonable person of us would have seen coming something along the lines of the result. There was no way Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley would act out the song to the letter.

I mean, if you thought that the whole video would be Carrie and Brad kissing each other endlessly, then you would be delusional. No offense that is.

The end result was the next best thing that could happen without acting out the song: represent the anguish of two lovers who need to be reminded of each other’s love with Carrie and Brad walking towards each other in the desert sunset.

The idea couldn’t be simpler. The slow walk represents the longing, the desert represents the dryness of the relationship. And when they meet, they address each other with sparks in their eyes to be reminded of that love.

However, you can clearly see that Carrie expresses more passion than Brad in their portrayal of the characters. I don’t want to be over analytical, but I think that’s the role they were meant to play and not a lack of acting or dedication. Why? Because I believe that it is more natural for women in situations like this exhibit more passion while men have more restraint.

I can’t say I’m let down but I can see why many fans thought the video would be much more exhuberant. However, let me say this. If any man has a wife/girlfriend with Carrie Underwood’s legs and they need to be reminded to love her, it’s time to go to therapy.

Check out my review of Remind Me. And the lyrics.

Watch the Remind Me video:

10 thoughts on “Remind Me (Music Video) – Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood

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  2. First, we’ve all been waiting for the video soooooo long so to now see anything new by Carrie, her legs, face, emotion is incredible. I agree w you – the video could be the most bland in Carrie’s career but I think since they are both married they couldn’t make a sexy, intimate video.. that would have been great to see say Carrie washing dishes by herself thinking of her past passion/love, and Brad in the garage reminising as well… oh well, this video is still great and hopefully will help propel the single to #1!! Are you a little concerned that the single has kinda stalled at #9? I cannot believe that its not the most requested song right now… the label may not be pushing it hard.. wonder why?


    • The single isn’t stalling. It’s up to #7 on mediabase today. But the top 10 is like super packed right now. Remind Me is the newest song in the top 10 and it’s already ahead of You and Tequila, among other songs.
      That’s only indicative of its power. The only way it has to go is up.



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