Lebanese Brew: Courage Is Contagious

If you were like me and hadn’t heard of the new Lebanese beer in town, well, now it’s time to pay attention. In case you thought, like me, that almost no one can top off leading Lebanese beer Almaza’s ad, here comes a “Courage” campaign by Lebanese Brew.

With a YouTube video featuring Lebanese youth partying, drawing graffiti, living their life all to the backdrop of our gorgeous capital, the brand new beer’s image is glowing.

The video even starts with a guy and a girl the morning after having sex, being courageous enough to tackle something that happens very often in Lebanese society while almost everyone hides behind their shadow regarding it.

The liveliness of Beirut and its youth is the center piece of this ad to show the courage of both the city and the people. The video serves a double purpose: to show the courage of this brand in trying to enter an already almost-full market and the courage of the Lebanese people who have defied all odds and are still here.

The theme “courage is contagious” is to show that if you are courageous enough to stand for what you believe in, those who are less so will soon follow. It’s not very hard to relate this to the recent revolutions in the Middle East and how, according to Robert Fisk, the Lebanese revolution in 2005 gave the spark that started them all. After all, our courage as Lebanese is contagious.

Kudos for a very well-done video. It’s sad it only has 3000 views since it was uploaded in July 2011.

10 thoughts on “Lebanese Brew: Courage Is Contagious

  1. The Lebanese sparked the other revolutions?, no offense mate but the Lebanese are so so full of themselves ( and this is coming from a Lebanese citizen)


      • Ask the tunisians and the egyptians why they rised and I can assure you it was not because of us, I believe we are a brave and inspiring nation, but to say that they where inspired by us is belittling them.

        As for Fisk,I read a lot of his work, and if you check closely it is put under the opinion heading, annd that’s what it is, an opinion , it doesn’t mean he is right, once again ask the people of the other countries why they rised and the majority wont tell you that they where inspired by the Lebanese.

        The Lebanese need to realise that the world doesn’t revolve around them.


        • Well I didn’t say if I agree with Fisk or not but it’s very easy to see him influencing the message in this ad.

          But yeah, Fisk writes opinion and at the end of the day, the message in this ad is an opinion. I was highlighting the message without really commenting on it but showcasing how great I thought the execution of the ad is.


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