The Lebanese Brew Ad Campaign: Try Something Brave… the Last Summer on Earth

I blogged several months ago about a great ad video by Lebanese Brew: Courage is Contagious.

The message behind that video was about the importance of being courageous enough to be free in life. And it extremely well done.

Well, who knew Lebanese Brew can come back with an even better campaign this time around?

Not straying away from their previous message, the Try Something Brave campaign is here: Going out of your comfort zone and doing things that you never thought you’d do, on the last summer on Earth.

All of these amazing ads are part of a video that has creativity & ingenuity written all over it:

Can I say brilliant? Can I say awesome? Can I say I got goosebumps?

This is probably the first time I’d want to try something after an ad campaign. I really want to have some Lebanese Brew right now.

Check out the campaign’s website by clicking (here) – it will redirect you to their Facebook pageย where a countdown for a smartphone app (for both iOS and android) is taking place. Almost 90 hours to go until you can get the app and try something brave. I’ll make sure to let you know about the app too.

Cheers to Lebanese creativity!

Update: The agency that did these is Interesting Times. I mention this because I think these ads are such a breath of fresh air that I need to congratulate the agency, even though they don’t need me. They have this feel of Lebanese friends sitting together and coming up with them – very authentic and very refreshing. A job truly well done, Interesting Times!ย 


26 thoughts on “The Lebanese Brew Ad Campaign: Try Something Brave… the Last Summer on Earth

  1. Itโ€™s Interesting Times Beirut… last year they won the Gemas Effie Mena award for “courage is contagious” campaign, also for LB beer.


  2. i love the art direction and the print stuff. but the TVC is an almost complete rip-off of Puma’s After-hours athlete…almost down to the VO artist.


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