Samir Geagea’s Assassination Attempt

Head of the Lebanese Forces narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in his house in Meaarab, Keserwein, earlier today.

While taking a stroll outside, Geagea heard gunshots. So he ran for a safe place only to find the spot he was standing at had two bullet holes.

The security of his house was not breached. But the attempt is believed to have been taken out using high-tech equipment that can establish a perimeter of up to 4 kilometers. The Lebanese army is currently sending its helicopters to search the woods surrounding the area for possible suspects but the dense forests make the task extremely difficult.

The team that tried to assassinate Geagea obviously knows what it’s doing and has possibly done it before.

Now I ask – are we back to the assassination period in Lebanon where every single politician that has the guts to speak out against certain factions and regimes gets shot down? Are we back to a time where some people think gunning down Lebanese top politicians will get the people to cower away and not fight for their rights anymore?

Samir Geagea is the only Lebanese politician whose opinions, since he got out of his forced imprisonment in 2005, haven’t spun like a weather vane. He’s the only Lebanese politician who has asked the people for forgiveness for anything his party might have committed during the civil war. He’s the only Lebanese politician who served jail time. He’s the only Lebanese politician nowadays whose rhetoric doesn’t cower away from telling things like they are. He’s the only Lebanese politician who doesn’t equivocate over his beliefs.

I never thought I’d be this upset with such news. Why? Because I never thought it would actually happen. But now that Geagea has been targeted for assassination, years after the latest figure in Lebanese politics was killed, I cannot but be disgusted by the cowards and the filth of society that have tried to kill such a man.

I address them directly because I know they’re reading this: you disgust me. If anyone needs to die, it’s you – your guns, your backward mentality and your fear of those who can speak out against you.

They know who they are.

Samir Geagea lives. And his resolve will only grow stronger. His supporters will only grow more determined.

23 thoughts on “Samir Geagea’s Assassination Attempt

  1. Yes nice article.
    You are right to be angry & I hope many others have the courage to feel the same & to express it. You are right in pointing out that yes, an assassination attempt on a man was committed, and in doing this, an assassination attempt on the rights & freedoms of all Lebanese was committed, each man woman and child & their futures.
    This was an attempt against the man & the movement.
    Geagea has been the only man bold & couragous enough to stand by his convictions in Lebanon & arguably, the entire Mid East. This quality was always in the man & the years he spent as a political prisoner only served to forge these qualities into titanium like strength, it cannot be broken & Lebanon needs leaders who cannot be broken & will not compromise.
    The era of assassinating anyone who represents a threat to the oppression over Lebanon is finished & it will not be permitted to return.
    In 2004 I learned of the LF & Geagea, I have been praying for their success every day since & I am not even Lebanese, nor had I any faith in any god, untill i learned of them & Lebanon.
    As a westener, I am able to see clearly how crucial the political values of the LF are & the desperate need the nation of Lebanon is in, to have them represented appropriately in parliment.
    The Lebanese parliment & democratic process has been completely raped, abused, imprisoned & held hostage by Syrian agenda’s for years, due to the very nature of democratic process. This is a grave & very serious crime which has been committed against the people of Lebanon. All previous attempts to stop this rape & abuse was met with violence & assassinations aimed to intimidate. Harriri called a stop to this & paid with his life, Since then, Lebanon got a taste of Justice, Truth & Mercy, something it had been starved from for over 30 years; with the people growing hungrier & hungrier for more, couragously stepping forward, step by step @ each opportunity to defend these values & keep the STL, despite the threats.
    Please do not give up! Freedom for Lebanon is possible & it is the closest it has ever been. So many complex contributing factors have been built up to this point, where victory is in sight & just a little bit longer & it will be achieved in full.
    All who believe in Justice, Truth, Mercy & Democracy stand by Lebanon & its people in this battle. Due to the slaughter happening in Syria, more & more people around the world are learning of what Syria did & is still trying to do in Lebanon.
    The time is now, with all the suffering & complexity coming together for such a time as this; where victory is not only possible, but absolutely necessary in order for Lebanon to perminantly turn its back on the era of assassinations & to never look back.


    • Thank you for your comment. Very interesting approach to the subject from a non-Lebanese westerner.
      Yes, the Syrians have done atrocities in Lebanon and it’s high time we shed a light on what they did without fearing retributions. Geagea is a pioneer in that regard, among other things when it comes to freedom and liberties.


  2. Isnt this guy a criminal with lots of blood in hes hands? So is LF as organization how can such organization representing lebanon with its multinethnic and socially divided society when the organization it self has atrocoties on the lebanese population. I believe lebanon needs a secular approach on issues, not in a crusader or invader sense. LF is a laughing stock due its history, right wing radicals usually dosent come up with appropriate solutions.


    • We use the term criminal very loosely. His party did “bad” things during the war, as did almost every single other politician present today.
      So spare me the Geagea hate, please.
      And no, if the LF were a laughing stock, it wouldn’t be one of the main parties in Lebanon today.


    • Go fix your grammar before deciding to spam.

      I think members of the LF would actually take your “right wing radicals” verbal spew as a compliment.


    • And what & who do u suggest can free Lebanon? Or were u not thinking of Lebanon’s freedom when u wrote this? Who has shown they have the balls to do anything in Lebanon which is constructive, if not LF & it allies?
      And who can u call innocent from the civil war? War is war, if u dont want attrocities, dont make war, vry f#$kn simple; & if u do, then u can expect all participants to be responsable for what they do. As far as I know the LF were not the only ones making war & fighting for 30 years, or do u suggest they were indeed fighting themselves & the rest were wrongly implicated?
      Which do u prefer, truth or corruption? Justice or injustice? It is opinions such as urs which has allowed assassinations to occur with impunity. These assassinations must stop & so far, Hariri & Geagea are the strongest opponents, willing to pay their lives to stop this disgusting practice


      • Btw I also agree secular approach is required, but first Lebanon needs to be cleaned out of all which currently compromise its democracy; if not, these same issues will plague secular approaches. To achieve secular approaches, human rights & equality needs to be established & who is writing such legislation? Can u trust Hezb to write these for u? the same ones who stole the parliment with machine guns & violence? @ Least Geagea appologised to the nation, not like hezb & tehir friends who make no appologies for raping Lebanon yesterday, today & tomorrow, if given the chance.


      • Once the clean up job is done, all must be willing to come to the table & leave prejudices @ the door for respectful, contructive dialogue, for the greater good of the nation, which no faction is excused from attending in full submission to the parlimentry law.
        Its all very possible to achieve & very close to becoming a reality. It will provide protections against further violence & war, something all Lebanese are clearly committed to achieving; as witnessed by hezb taking the nation by force & all resisting violence as a response to this.
        Love you Lebanon, God bless you & stay strong!


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